Monday, June 8, 2009

The Yard Sale

It's amazing how easy it is to find stuff to put into a yard sale. It can be anything!

This was a family affair.

My stuff.

My aunt's stuff.

My grandparent's stuff.

My cousin's stuff.

We had the stuff.

I had some baby things to get rid of. Clothes. Three strollers. A few toys. Books.

I'm certain that I could've found more if only I had spent a little more time looking for the things we are finished with.

I've been involved with three yard sales in my life and the day to have a sale around here is Friday. We had so many more folks stop by on Friday than we did on Saturday.

We cracked jokes about some of the things we had in the sale. We'd finish laughing about something, and by golly, someone would buy just the thing we were cracking up about.

An old, glass apple cider jug.

Two sets of old, half used thumb tacks.

But the icing on the cake had to do with something we never intended to happen.

Under my cousin's carport sat a broken down refrigerator. It didn't work. It was taped shut and full of spoiled food. Someone came up and asked about it. We told them that it didn't work and that it was in terrible shape inside...but they still wanted it. They loaded it up and hauled it off...much to my cousin's relief.

Our total for the weekend was a combined $1026 and some change.

I made $333.

It felt great to get rid of some stuff...and the money is a blessing!!



JMBMOMMY said...

Whoo Hoo!!!!

Okay, spoiled food inside....eek!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! (and gross!:)
We've had 2 yard sales over the past month and we had better results on the day it rained than on the day it was 80 degrees out! Most of the big stuff is gone and Jeremy is taking a couple trips to drop the rest of it off at goodwill this week. Wish we could get rid of more, but we use it all. We just need a bigger house.

Jen said...

Wow, good for you! De junking is always such a good feeling, but to get paid for it...even better!

Kelli said...

Good for YOU ALL!

Are You Serious! said...

♥ Fabulous! i love making money! :)

Oh Dear said...

That is what we are planning, a big sell to get rid of it all! I think I will pull a few broken appliances to the carport and maybe I will be just as lucky!

utmomof 5 said...

Less stuff in the house and $333!! Sounds like a great yard sale to me!

Becky said...

COngrats on the garage sale take! I don't think I have ever had one that large...if so, I would have more of them.
GOod news...hopefully...the showing on Friday was a second showing and the buyer is talking with his bank to see if he can get approved for a little more money. So we may have an offer coming, or his bank may laugh in his face...either way, it was exciting to finally have a second showing. Great boost to the keep your chin up that everyone keeps saying to me. It would be awesome if we got offers on the same day...rooting for it!

Mia said...

yard sales are such "win-win" events!!! You make money,clean out the junk...someone else gets a bargain! Love it!