Monday, July 6, 2009

Ten Things I Did Over The Weekend

1. Hosted some of 'my' Texans.

2. Learned how to make homemade cinnamon rolls!!!!

3. Browsed for furniture.

4. Ate great steak.

5. Played Blokus.

6. Watched Fireworks.

7. Started a list of 'gadgets' I want/need for my new kitchen.

8. Went to church.

9. Took a nap.

10. Thanked God that I'm an American!

What did you do?!?!!



The Newby Family said...

Love #10!

JMBMOMMY said...

Fun weekend :)
Let's see....what did I do?
1. Went to see Fireworks.
2. One of my bfs came to spend the evening/night and next morning.
3. Went to my parents for a BBQ
and got to spend time with Mr. Bobby and Mrs. Monita--my adopted grandparents.
4. Painted crosses with my kiddos.
5. Visited a new church
6. Ate yummo grilled Bacon Burgers my hubby made
7. Swim, Swim , Swim
8. Went to see "Sleeping Beauty" with my little girl and mom at a local college theater.
9. Went out for icecream afterwards....dessert first!
10. Then met a friend for dinner.
11. Thanked God for our Freedom!


McFurr said...

1. Cleaned my house
2. Went to the Farmers Market
3. Hosted a cookout
4. Played (and won at) poker
5. Went to church
6. Spent 3 hours shopping with my husband for a pair of work shoes.
7. Went to Sams Club
8. Went to the Grocery
9. Did laundry
10. Had trouble falling asleep b/c I was making mental lists of things I need before my weekend away this weekend.

McFurr said...

Oh yeah and what is Blokus?

Becky said...

1. Welcomed hubby home after two weeks traveling
2. Walked the dog
3. Worked on a quilt for two un-interrupted (other than switching laundry) hours while hubby and girls went to Transformer 2
4. BBQ at friend's house where I got the call that my Grandpa was put in the hospital with the biggest kidney stone I had ever heard of.
5. Bought under a dollar a piece array of fireworks and watched the girls enjoy them
6. Collected bug bites on various body parts
7. sneezed...alot. Thanks to cotton fluff flying all over our neighborhood.
8. Went to church and heard a really thought-provoking sermon and enjoyed sharing life with our class...without tears
9. attempted to help hubby move a couch downstairs that refused to go through the door and started a fight with hubby
10. slept in this morning, many hours past when hubby left for the week.
Sorry that my list isn't happy go lucky. I tried to make it better.

Anonymous said...

1) Got to hang with my friends
2) taught how to make cinnamon rolls
3) browsed for furniture
4) ate great steaks
5) learned how to play blokus
6) watched fireworks
7) drove for a zillion hours
8) started a list of gadgets I think my friend can not live without
9) Listened to my husband be silly with my friends husband.
10) cried because my vacation was over.