Friday, September 4, 2009

God's not finished with her yet...

A friend of mine...oh how she was buried under a mountain of dirty laundry...finally aired it yesterday.

I am SO proud of her.

God is working on her...

She confessed her sin to me a few months ago. I was heartbroken. I was disappointed. I cried.

And then I told her that she needed to confess to the one she had wronged.

NOT what she wanted to hear.

I didn't push. I stated the facts and let them fester.

It has taken a while, but the Holy Spirit has convicted her.

She came clean...

I will now pray that she will continue to seek God's wisdom and guidance in her life. I will pray that she will find peace without this baggage looming over her head. I will pray that the damage can be repaired.



Becky said...

To have a friend like you! To be loved through hard times! I have found that the truest friends I have ever had were the ones that would tell me like it was and love me through the fight and then we were so much closer in the end.

utmomof 5 said...

What a great friend you are!! I am sure she is very thankful to have you in her life. I hope she continues to move forward and past this thing she has done!!

Anonymous said...

I'll be praying for her.