Thursday, September 10, 2009

Yoo Hoo...where are you??

I mean, where am I??

Oh I don't know. I'm here, there and over yonder. Seriously. I rarely stop going. And my brain is out of 'blog mode' for some reason. It's not as if I've run out of things to post about...I just don't squeeze it in. Shameful.

The new house is moving right along. The light fixtures are in...and gorgeous. Three bathrooms are completely finished. It's lovely...and it already feels like our home.

What's left to do (that I can think of):

- Sand/Stain hardwood

- Carpet

- 2nd coat of paint on front doors and outside trim

- Master bathroom tub and shower door

- Install Doorknobs

- Lay Sod

Not much more, really.


Ella is doing her first Fundraiser at school. What are we selling? Nothing!!! It's simply a Raise-A-Thon. Ask for people to support your school. I like it because we don't have to keep up with orders or pass anything out later. Supporters like it because there's no pressure to order something that you don't need...better yet, something your rear-end doesn't need!! I told her that she may ask anyone we know if they'd like to support her school. Her response? "They will say yes since I'm so cute."

Off to work on humility.


Little Miss also lost her 2nd tooth on Sunday. She could push it out horizontally so Daddy pulled it out for her. She dropped it in the car on the way home, but Dad found it. Then I carelessly left it on the bar...and lost it. Yes, I lost a tooth. Just so you know, when something goes IN the vaccuum, it's probably lost forever.


The boy child is doing well. No complaints. Other than from law enforcement siting his clear disregard for acceptable noise levels. I tell you. That kid had no volume control. But he's funny and squeezable and I love him just the same.


Hubs and I are well...still married. These days that's almost more shocking than a crime, eh? I love my husband...he's awesome and mine.

Enough for now...I'll try not to be a stranger if you'll try too.



utmomof 5 said...

I have one that suffers from no volume control too. He is 11 and it hasn't gotten any better. May you have more luck than me :)

So do you have a move in date for your house? I would love to see some pictures!!!

Oh Dear said...

The vacuum fairy has a tooth of ours too as well as one that passed through the digestive track-I assume passed...didn't go lookin'!

Will you stop by my blog, need some help with something! Thanks!!

Becky said...

Glad to hear from you again. Miss your lovely comments over at my blog! Glad to hear the house is moving along!