Friday, October 16, 2009

Counting Sleeps

Not Sheep. Sleeps.

That's how we keep track of when important things are going to happen around here.

For example: Daddy used to travel a each time, I'd make the kids a calendar counting down the sleeps until Daddy would be home. Each morning they would take turns marking through the previous nights' sleep.

Thought I'd share a few things we're counting sleeps for (although only one has a kid-marked calendar.)

2 sleeps until I get to meet our new pastor. (Ella had the flu when he came for the vote, so I missed meeting him)

3 sleeps until Ella is out of school on a weekday I think I'll take the kids to see the 3D Toy Story movies...we love those!

6 sleeps until hubs and I get to leave town...with a bus load of friends headed to a couples' retreat in the mountains!

10 sleeps until we close on the new house and begin moving!!

11 sleeps until my baby turns 4...and each day he marks through his calendar while asking 'am I four yet?' or commenting 'this is taking forever!'

14 sleeps until we have to be out of the apartment! Although we can extend if need be, we WANT to be done b/c that means we're in our new home!

I don't typically keep track of ALL of those sleeps...but I felt that the list needed to be a little longer...

Are you 'counting sleeps' to anything important in your neck of the woods??

Happy Friday!



Anonymous said...

I might start counting sleeps until I decorate for Christmas!! I love that time!! What a great idea for your kiddos to do though!

Chris said...

too cute... we used to count "wake up days" when the kids were small. right now I am counting 4 sleeps until my 2nd job interview, only there really isn't alot of sleeping going on. grr.

Lizzie said...

Have fun on your couples retreat!! Sounds like a blast!

Anonymous said...

I want to go on the couples retreat, with hubby of course.

How was the new pastor meeting?

I am counting sleeps until I get better. For real, nothing life major but right now I think it is!

Anonymous said...

After I closed it out, I realized I was wrong. I'm counting sleeps until my dearest friends hubby leaves for deployment (very VERY soon). Someone else we know recently came home from work to find two soilders waiting at her front door so it is making my heart heavy right now.

B said...

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