Monday, October 19, 2009

One more week!

Wow...we are getting SO close to that new house!!

The house has a name...per se. We love the name of our street...I actually knew I wanted to live on that street from the moment I found it's name. Anywho, we call the house by the street name. We are constantly saying, "It's almost time for ___!!" or "X sleeps until we get ____!!"

We have had the best time watching our house go up from the ground up. The kids feel at home there already...Ella said so as she laid down in the master bedroom floor one day.

It makes us feel good. We believe that God has worked out each and every detail of this entire process.

And it's the little things, not just the big things.

We chose granite from the options they had in the showroom. We sort of went with the least ugly one...none of them were really to die for. But!! When our granite was installed, it was several shades it a rich, cocoa/dark chocolate sort of feel. It's scrumptious, IMO.

The back door and garage door have blinds INSIDE the more mini blinds beating the doors to death as you open them. That wasn't a feature in the model home...just a cool little surprise for us.

The patio out back extends about 10 feet beyond the covered portion...didn't expect that.

It's all been amazing.

People say that building a house is stressful and can cause a lot of marital conflict.


We had a great time making selections...and now we are having a great time hearing that we chose some nice things.

So today...they are going to start sanding off the poly they had put down on the hardwood because when they tried to fix a spot and put new poly on it, it had a different finish. It will be redone to give the entire area a uniform look. Yippie!!

A good, thorough cleaning will be the only other thing desired before we move in...


Seven more sleeps and "_____" is ours!!



Brittany said...

Seven more sleeps! :) That's so exciting!

Becky said...

I am so excited for the way things are working out. Praise God for a new house. And to be even more than what you were hoping for is definitely God-at-work!
Can't wait to work on something for you to add to that house!!!

Anonymous said...

Almost there!!!

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I was reading a magazine and it used your street name and I thought "oh my goodness so soon!"