Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Getting's almost time for turkey!

To host my first Thanksgiving ever!!

Our 'fine' china has been unpacked. You must understand that it wasn't packed away simply because we moved. It was packed up because that's how it was shipped to us 9+ years ago!! We have never used it!! It is very pretty. Not sure it's what I would choose now, but I do still love it and I can't wait to use it!!

I'm trying to plan out exactly what time I need to do what on Thursday morning...and I'm SO thankful that my hubby will be home to make us some 'real' mashed potatos and help with the children. It's going to be a great day!

I've been trying to think of a new tradition to start this year. Not that we will have Thanksgiving in our home every year from now on, but you never know. I have some things rattling around in my little brain so we'll see what really happens.

What about you? What are some of your traditions?

I previously mentioned that I would make the same foods we've had all my life, but different. I wasn't trying to freak my family out...I simply meant that they won't be family recipes. This whole hosting thing is a big enough deal without me trying to measure up to the better cooks in the family!!



Suzanne said...

My tradition is that I cook everything every year! This year however it is just my husband and our kids. At least I don't have to clean the house for company! Happy Thanksgiving Tina!

Anonymous said...

Go check out the Nesting Place Blog (you can find it on my blog roll) she has a couple of good ideas. One I liked was setting out pics of everybody from years past. I know we would have some great laughs over how we have changed over the years!

rthling said...

My favorite tradition is trying to get through the meal without killing anyone, or getting my feelings hurt.
You gotta have your priorities.
Just sayin'!

Lizzie said...

oh you must never try to live up to the cooks!! Do it your way for sure! Hope it goes well for you!