Monday, November 23, 2009

Post-move progress

We made a great deal of progress in the unpacking department Saturday.

Things piled in the 3rd garage were sorted and either shifted to the attic, donated or trashed. I really thought we had done a good job of purging while packing the old house, but I was WRONG!

I LOVE getting rid of stuff!

I have taken two loads of stuff to Goodwill/Salvation Army within three feels awesome.

We did bring a few boxes into the house that will now need to be unpacked and put away, and since they've made it INTO the house, that should get accomplished really soon.

We are closer to getting the rest of our things out of storage...and I'm thinking that most of those things will have homes in the new house...we shall see...there may be some things that the 'Queen of Purge' may banish.

One thing I must get out of storage China. It needs to be washed so it can be used for the first time ever on Thursday!!

Eek! Thanksgiving is almost here!! So much to do!!

Happy Monday!!

(please try to let it be a happy Monday...I know it can be hard!!)

***Pep talk is for me...if you benefit, so be it!***



Sara said...

So great to see the move is coming along as perfect as can be Tina!

It seems like ages since we've had the chance to catch up.

Your pep talk is for me, I need it this week. :)

Toronto mls said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Yeah, getting rid off stuff and giving it away to people is just awesome. Just when you move to a new house you actually realize how much useless stuff you own, right?

Best regards,