Monday, February 8, 2010

Dress Up Fun

Seems as though Miss Ella has had ample opportunity to play dress-up lately...and we have had a blast!!

Her school had homecoming over the last couple weeks...they had several themed days...
80s Day

Western Day
Duct Tape Day

Mix and Match day!
(Most fun, CRAZY clothes, and Ella won a candy bar this day!)

Blue and White Day

And then one of her best friends had a birthday party Saturday...a beach themed party. While in her winter clothes, she was able to accessorize with beach-wear...and entertain us all with a hula!!

I'm actually wishing for more dress -up days...a theme day once a month or so would be so fun!!


Dawn said...

How fun! I was lovin' the duct tape day. Very unique!

Brittany said...

HOW FUN! :) I can't wait until Chloe wants/gets to dress up!!!

Suzanne said...

Cuter than cute! Hey Tina, thinking of leaving blogger to go to wordpress, will you still follow me there?

Tim said...

WOW the duct tape one is so creative! I am guess you made that?!?! I used to love spirit week when I was in school!
Lindsey Rowland

MARY said...

You have quite the creative mind to come up with that duct tape outfit!!
That does look fun!

Jen said...

Cute outfits! Love the duct tape!