Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday's To-Do List - oh, it's good!

"A facial and an hour and a half relaxation body massage soothes the body and the mind. A steam treatment assists the entire body by removing impurities. Finally, the Pure Fiji manicure and pedicure leave fingers and toes buffed and looking gorgeous. A light lunch in our quiet room is included."

That's right. I'm spending the day at the spa. With my bff. Oh what a day!


It'll be concluded with a few more highlights and a refreshing trim of the 'wig'.

Happy Friday!!

And Happy Valentine's Day!!



Suzanne said...

Take me!!!! Hee, heee, have a good time Tina! Happy Valentine's Day!

rthling said...

Hey, have your people get with my people about where this type of frivolity takes place, and how much it costs, will ya?
I needs a spa day.

Doran & Jody said...

Oh I SO wish you would have taken me!!!