Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

Actually, it's 11!!

Eleven house pictures!!!

I know you've been waiting!

Some of these spaces are finished...but most are 'almost' finished. They lack curtains or wall decor, but these spaces make me so happy. Works in progress...making our house a home.

First up, the freshly painted guest bathroom. Hubby finished this one on Saturday.

There is red in the shower curtain that doesn't quite show up in the photo, but the red walls are a perfect match...this red makes me feel so happy. I'm thinking that Hobby Lobby will have something perfect to go about the towel bar you see. Hope I can get there soon to find out!!

Next up...the living room...which we cozied up this weekend with the new lamps. I heart them!! On the far table is a tray that I found at Pier 1 on clearance for $7.50. I lined it with a place mat that I already had and it was the perfect touch. We need an area rug...oh! And the curtains we ordered!! LOVE this room!

This is our bedroom. I've been hunting for something to hang on either side of the bed. Do I go with something metal? Do I purchase coordinating prints? I'm also looking to create a sitting area in this room...itching to find the perfect chair, maybe a bookcase or screen to anchor it, with a lamp...mmmm....

I've shown you the master bathroom before, but now I have a little touch in there that I haven't shown you yet...the vases on the left with the greenery...a little bit of yumminess for the 'spa' feel I wanted in here.

This is my son's room. Sorry for the blur, but this is my favorite view in his room. I need to get him some curtains and maybe hang something in that blue stripe (???). The blue stripe is on three walls...one of the three is taken care of...ideas??

Here's a more clear picture of his bed.

Here is sweet Ella's room. This room is HUGE and there are several things I want to do with this room. She needs curtains. I want to do some kind of tissue 'ornaments' to hang in groups from the ceiling. I want her to have a small, white table/chair set. I have four empty frames to paint to hang with ribbon on a wall...these frames with have dry erase boards in them when I'm done and Ella will have a sweet place to express herself artisticly....she rocks!

Lastly, here is Ella's bathroom. This room makes me smile...and it makes her wake up each morning. How could you NOT wake up when you enter this bright, cheery room!?

She wanted a green bathroom. We found the faux flowers on the shelf at Target one day and we chose a green from the center of one flower. The white flowers on the wall used to hang in her old bedroom. She salvaged them from the yardsale before we moved. I revived them with paint to match the bathroom colors.

The 'buttons' that hold the shower curtain were simple white buttons from WalMart...a little paint and voila! I'm planning to hang a lovely picture of Ella right above the shelf...other than that, this room is complete!!

I am having a BLAST decorating the house...if only my budget could keep up!! I mean REALLY! So much I want to do!!!

Hope you've enjoyed the pictures!!



Jen said...

Your house is darling! I love Ella's room and bathroom, so bright and cheery. Decorating is so much fun... if only there were unlimited funds!

Suzanne said...

Well, it's about time Tina! I love the kids' bathroom! Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks! :)

Tim said...

You have done so great decorating! I love it all!
Lindsey Rowland

Becky said...


Doran & Jody said...

Oh man, SO FUN!!
When your done you can come finish mine.

JMBMOMMY said...

Love it! Thanks for sharing.