Monday, April 19, 2010

One proud momma...

On Easter sweet girl gave her heart to Jesus!!!

She first felt 'the tug' last summer after our friend got saved while at camp. We wanted to make sure that she had a real grasp of the decision she said she wanted to we waited to see if she'd bring it up again. She did, periodically, but at the evening service on Easter Sunday, she was truly moved.

What a special night!

We asked our Children's minister to counsel with her.....he said he felt comfortable that she knew what she was we celebrated and scheduled her baptism.

She was baptized last night at church.

Another special night!

We had family, friends and even her teacher from school in attendance!

I am so proud that I can call my daugher 'My SISTER in Christ'!!!

(I will post pictures is posted on facebook!)



Laura Matthews said...

That is very, very neat Tina! Hurray! Pics soon please!!!

Oh Dear said...

Congratulations Mama! I sat with a little guy yesterday as he asked Jesus into his heart! THRILLS ME!!

utmomof 5 said...

I saw your video of FB. What a happy day for you and your daughter :) Well, and also the rest of your family, I am sure your hubby was just as happy!

rthling said...

I only cried a little.
Okay, a LOT!