Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ten on Tuesday


1. Tball season has begun for the kids. For probably the only time in their lives, they are playing together on the same team. First game is this Saturday...should be fun(ny)!!

2. Not sure what the problem is, but we've had the paint for my office for a month and still haven't painted. Ugh.

3. There's only six weeks of school left. It's bittersweet. No more kindergarten for the girl and a break from getting up so early. Two kids at home all day again...and two kids at home ALL day! (ha!)

4. One more week of volleyball for mom and dad...then it's time for softball! We're junkies!

5. BIG trip planned this summer...without the babies (10th wedding anniversary!). Need to plan a little beach getaway WITH the babies...they so love the beach!

6. The next time I'm at a store where they have a little puddle of a kiddie pool...I'm getting it. It was STINKIN' hot here the other day and a puddle would've been perfect.

7. Wishin' we had a fence...a playground...and a big pool. :-) Wishin's like fishin'...so they say.

8. One more wish...I wish my son would be old enough for VBS this year. One more year...poor guy will not be happy in June.

9. Ella has now lost a total of four teeth. One of the ones coming in is NOT the replacement for the one lost in that spot but a big honkin' tooth that belongs next to it. It's coming in behind two teeth that still need to come out. Yikes. I can see us funding some ortho's vacation home in a few years.

10. The van that hates me is doing very well...thank you very much.


Becky said...

Ugh. Can't believe school is almost out either. That means a move for us and we just moved. But the pediatrician said to get out as soon as possible...and that is as soon as I can justify. I am really struggling with the idea of breaking a lease.
Congrats on the 10 year anniversary! I have heard that is a big one. Someday...hope to truly make it instead of making it by default, but split. Anyways, very happy for you!
Love your post...and your honesty.
If we lived closer, I would so be bringing four girls over to play in your puddle! (this will be my first summer with four home all day instead of two...helping out so that my boyfriend's mom can have a break after almost three years of helping raise her granddaughters!)

rthling said...

I just recently found out that I am going on a cruise in less than a year. But the beach sounds fun!
Hailey is too old for VBS this year. Wait until you have to say THAT!

Blueberry Eyes said...

1) super neat that they get to play together!
2) I will do it when I come visit. . .you know I would LOVE to
3) hahahaha want a 3rd?
4)you guys are so cool
5) Am I allowed to be excited?
6) It's been nice here, but the puddle sounds nice and refreshing!
7)Never heard that wishin is like fishin but I love the saying
8) Ahhh, poor thing.
9) Yikes!
10)HURRAY! It forgives you after all

JMBMOMMY said...

Playing together is so fun!!! We are loving T-Ball here too. They are so stinkin cute! I simply can't wait for school to be out!!!! I love having all my babies home together. Congrats on 10 years!!! Very, very fun. Not sure where time goes--we celebrate 14 this year--so next year we must take a big trip for the 15th. I am wishin for the fenced in yard--our yard is a pool which is nice but when you are not swimming??? Love your update 10 :)