Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sofia update - Updated more!

Straight from her Mother's facebook posts...

Monday 6:16pm -- spoke to nurse. Doc told her it went better than expected. He got most of it out except for small piece, can chemo that. Bleeding wasn't too serious either bc it had already bled and clamped itself. Praise God!

Monday 9:00pm -- please pray for Sofia. She is having seizures. Neurosurgeons have been called to evaluate and see what the plan is. Thanks.

Tuesday 7:32am -- She's having seizures. Watching possible posturing. EEG and MRI this morning will help us know more about tumor and brain activity.

Tuesday 4:39pm MRI just about done. EEG didn't immediately show why the seizures are happening. The neuro will look it over a little better.

Tuesday 6:36pm -- We're waiting on the results of the MRI. The EEG showed no signs of seizures so the twitching/tics are not causing her any problems, even if they don't know what's causing them yet. We should know more when they take her breathing tube out. But we're not sure when that will be. It could be today or tomorrow. Pray for continued improvements. Still many questions. Thanks.

Wednesday 8:48am -- Sofia had a big scare last night. (Husband) said they gave her Ativan for seizures, which she has been given before without problems, and she just shut down. He is convinced that she was dying. He prayed and the docs rushed to help her. They gave her a 'reverse' Ativan, as explained, and within 15 minutes, she was back to normal.

Wednesday 11:04am -- Sofia smiled while she was sleeping!!! (Husband) said it was a beautiful thing! He's overjoyed and so am I!

Wednesday 11:59am -- Small update. Sofia smiled while asleep! Also, neuro suggested a feeding tube thru stomach. She's progressing slowly, but progressing. Stay at (hospital) could be short but no timetable yet. Praise God! Feeding tube means she's eating again! We'll take any good news, even if it's a piece at a time!! Jesus' name be praised!!

As you can see, it's been a rollercoaster...and it's not over...but there are so many people praying and trusting that God will take care of this little baby. Thank you all for your prayers...


Thursday 9:07am -- MRI showed NO tumor left. Neuro said there was some microscopic left behind on tumor that he couldn't get so we still need chemo. But we're overjoyed and thankful to the Lord!!

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Oh my!! What strong parents she must have!