Tuesday, August 24, 2010


...and I don't get along.

When something 'stinky' throws a wrench in my day, I have the hardest time fighting frustration and a poor attitude.

Monday's wrench was my car. It died on me in the middle of carline at school Monday afternoon.

Saturday, it wouldn't start...but thank goodness, it was in our driveway. Hubby pulled the battery and took it to the store...they said it was 'defective.' It wasn't even six months old.

Fine. He came home with a new battery. Problem solved, right?


I'm sitting in carline, the car is in drive, I'm just about to pull up to gather children, and poof! All power to the car disappeared. Grrr....

I was probably ten shades of red...from embarassment and frustration...oh and 9000 degree heat.

My inconvenience became inconvenient to others...that bugs me, too.

Having to call my friend and say, 'I know I'm supposed to bring your kid to you, but ahem, I need you to come get him...and me and my own kids' is not what I like having to do.

Having to call my husband, and text him, and call him, and text him only to find out that he's been in a meeting and couldn't answer me, much less be my knight in shining armor, is not fun, either.

I was irritated.

But I was stranded at a great place. School. Surrounded by friends and good conversation...and sympathy...it worked out ok.

When hubby got home, we went back to the school...the car would do nothing. Another parent was there to pick up his son...he offered to give us a boost. It worked, while the cables were attached and then we died again. He gave us a longer boost...and we babied the van to the shop.



Soon...we'll find out if we need to sell just one kidney or four.


Doran & Jody said...

OH I hate car problems!

Good luck!

Kelli said...

Sounds like a day to get flowers, how horrible. I hate car problems also