Monday, September 13, 2010

One more for this momma....

One more van, that is.

Since that last post of mine, we've been on a little rollercoaster ride. Consumed with one project...

We started looking for a new vehicle. I kicked around the idea of getting some sort of SUV...but I decided against it. I am in the van stage. The kids are in the van stage. It works for our family.

I love the idea of having an SUV...what I don't love are the thoughts of my children banging the doors into other cars or the garage wall, etc. I came to the conclusion that one more van is our best bet at this stage of life.

While were don't relish the thought of a car payment, the thoughts of being stranded with the children is even worse. (Mommas need reliable cars, amen!?) I certainly don't want to keep putting money in my aged van when that money could pay for something newer. Also, hubby's truck won't last we had to consider the fact that eventually he'll need to replace his vehicle...we seriously want to avoid EVER having two car payments!!

And so the search began.

Locally, our search led us to things we'd be 'settling' for. Unless you can get something BRAND new, with everything you want, the way you want it, you have to decide what you will and won't settle for. For me, it needs mileage that isn't terribly high...preferably about what I put on a car per year would do. I also really wanted a sunroof and dual power sliding doors. There are plenty of other bells and whistles, but those are high on my checklist.

Since we wanted to expand our options, we began searching online for what we'd really like to have. We found a handful of possibilities...and we were willing to travel to score. St Louis...agh, sold. Houston...agh, sold. San Antonio...agh, handicapped van with wheelchair lift. Ugh. Ok.

And then we found one in Pennsylvania. It was at a dealer who specializes in high-end, loaded Siennas and Odysseys. These are hard to find vehicles because they hold their value really well...and people just don't get rid of them!!

We secured (great!) financing and contacted the dealer. A deal was agreed upon and we began arranging flights and childcare.

Hubby had just enough frequent flyer miles for one last way...alone. And then he found me a cheap flight. We have lovely people in our lives that agreed to help us with the kids so we were ready to roll.

We flew up Thursday and began driving home Thursday afternoon. Every detail was smooth and effortless. Hubby and I jammed with the awesome sound system in our new ride all the way didn't seem like that long of a drive at all!!! About 900 miles later, we were home and the kids were climbing in pushing all the cool new buttons.

This should be my last van. If it will last 10ish years, our sweet Ella will be driving (yikes!) and momma will be able to finally get the mustang she's always wanted.


Please tell me I'm right??!

The soon-to-be-sold Old van

Out with the with the new (to me!)!!

I'm feeling very blessed. This van has more options than I EVER thought I'd have on a vehicle. Everything is 'power'...everything is clean...everything is a bonus!!!


Amy said...

Mini-vans ROCK! You go momma! If I had more than one child, I would definitely consider a van!!! However, I hope to be driving the volvo until it dies, and lets hope that that will be a looooonnnng time from now! LONG TIME! I told Erik the other day that I'm going to be that lady you see that is still driving around in her 1983 volvo station wagon. Well, we have the SUV and hope that they're still made the way they used to be. We had 2 car payments. NOT FUN. Thank goodness E just paid off his truck!

Erin said...

We're in roughly the same boat - my van is getting older, but my husband just got a new (to him) car last year. Fingers (and toes) are crossed that the van will hold out another couple years and then we can replace the van once the car is paid off. Would you mind sharing the name of the dealership you found? I would love to be able to get another Odyssey.

Doran & Jody said...

Woot! I love fresh new beginnings!

utmomof 5 said...

My sister has a newish Sienna and LOVE LOVE LOVES it. Have fun with the new wheels!!!

Becky said...

Have to tell ya, my fav part is the console between the two front seats. Those babies should come standard! Too bad they dont. I had to buy one from Walmart, and it is a little too long, so every time I put my middle seats down, I have to remove the console.
Love it!

Lindsey said...

Yay for your new van!
I have decided to try and fit BSF in this year so I hope maybe I will see you there this week. Adeline will be with me so let's hope she behaves!