Monday, September 20, 2010


Woo Hoo!

We sold the old van with NO problems...and quick, too!!

We placed an ad for the van on Craigslist last Saturday. We got just one call about it, that was Wednesday morning. The fella had driven a Toyota van a whle back and new they Toyotas are known for getting LOTS of miles and holding their value...he just REALLY wanted another one. He and hubby had a 'gentlemen's agreement' on price and they were to meet Thursday night to complete the deal.

They met. He looked it over. He took it for a little test-drive. He said 'It's a done deal for me, man.' and he handed over the cash. Which, I might add, was more than I had originally said I'd like to get. I wanted to stick a sign on the van, park it somewhere, and be willing to take $500 less than I had on the sign. No go. Hubs looked up the blue book value and we listed it for $1000 MORE than I said and negotiated down from there. We made $900 more than I would've 'settled' for if we had done it my way. Yay for a researchin' hubby!!

I'm super excited that it only took 5 days to sell the van! (Most) Former Toyota owners know it's a good product...the buyer even said 'Keep my number, I'll buy your new one from you in a few years!'


Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

Congratulations!! You have to love making more than you would have settled for.

Becky said...

That had to be a God thing!