Monday, January 17, 2011

The Kids...

Ella...the quick-learning one...has been taking piano lessons since June...and she is doing SO well!! That sweet baby has learned so much. She has a really great ear for it. At Christmas, she went to the piano and taught herself several carols. She literally pecked out the tune until she had another one down. She amazes her momma. We also have a fantastic babysitter who is a wonderful piano player...a night out for Mom and Dad means piano blessings for my baby. Gotta love that!

Ella also brought home another 'A' Honor Roll report card last week. I'm so happy that she does well in school!!

Evan...the ever-entertaining also ever-impressive. His drive to read, and read WELL, is so awesome. The words that child can read are incredible. He won't start kindergarten until this fall...he has a super head start. I believe a lot of his drive comes from wanting to be like his big sister. He has also learned some things on the piano from of her.

Evan does well at school as well. They use a traffic light system...Evan is on 'green' 99% of the time. Oh...and as if turning five and reading don't make him 'grown' enough, he has also lost two teeth! Within two weeks of turning five, they were out! I'm still going to call him my baby...hush.

We took the children ice skating for the first time ever back in December. Ella stepped on the ice, got acquainted and took off. Wow. Evan...well...he was either hugging the side or picking himself up off the ice most of the night. At the end, he was branching out a little, but he needed more time, for sure. He was probably sore, but he had fun...and it was fun just to experience it with them.

The day after Christmas, we drove to Texas. We visited friends, went shopping, bowling and hit Sea World. We had a blast!! The kids did great in the of our best road trips ever!!

Our kids are happy and healthy...and definitely busy and fun!



Lindsey said...

So glad your back blogging! I missed you! Glad everyone is doing well and I hate I don't see you every week at BSF anymore.....I am a quitter!

Jen said...

Your kids are darling and doing so well! I love the beard in the tub picture! And missing two teeth after turning 5? That really makes them seem older, huh?

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

It sounds like a busy and happy life! So glad things are going well for you all! (Love the bathtub picture. My daughter wanted to know if that was baby Santa Claus!)

ToolSmartz said...

Oh, LOOK....a new blog update.

'bout durn time... :P