Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dave Ramsey adventure...GO!

Hubby has started Financial Peace University at our church. Surely you know Dave Ramsey. He's a financial expert who gives no-nonsense advice to all who will listen.

I read his 'Financial Peace' book years ago. I implemented what I thought we needed and went about my business.

Let it be said, we are NOT in any financial trouble. Our income outweighs our expenses. We have a mortgage, one car payment and one credit card (which will disappear by March). We are not in trouble. But we want to make more wise decisions and grow financially.

I have been the one writing checks for our bills since we got married. Before that, I was even nosing around hubby-to-be's finances and keeping him straight. I know our bills by heart...I pay them without blinking. Hubby had no idea what things run us each month...until now. He had to fill out a Quickie Budget for his class. I filled in a few blanks, but he quickly told me that I needed to let him do it so he could familiarize himself with the budget. Ok.

We went through the budget...and he was secretly freaking out. He was adding numbers in his head and thought 'there's no way we're doing ok!' But to his relief, I wasn't running us in the ground each month, ha!! He didn't think I was, he just wasn't in tune with the numbers.

As I stated before, we expect to be done with the credit card by March. Then there's my van. The way we see it, it could be gone within two years, Lord willing. It will take discipline. It will take WAITING to get/do a few things we'd like to do. I believe we 'can do all things through Christ'. HE will have to help us stay focused. It's going to be quite a journey.

To kick it off, I've cancelled our land-line telephone. We honestly get about 3 phone calls a month on the home phone that aren't wrong numbers or marketing. We use our cell phones 99% of the time. I went through the caller ID and made sure that we weren't going to throw someone WAY off by not having the number. I called a business that used that number and told them to change it. I will also need to call our doctor's offices. Everyone else has our cell, email or facebook. I thought about turning the phone off before, but didn't since I feel that the children need access to a phone in case of an emergency...and then it hit me. Duh! I have an office phone that is completely separate from our house phone. It's always in the same spot and I can teach them where it is and how to use it just as I would a personal line.

So...this journey begins with us ending the flush. The flushing of $40 right down the potty every month.

That's $40 more for the van payment.




Lindsey said...

We started D.R. at the beginning of the year. Same with us not really in trouble but want to make smarter choices. We have 2 credit cards and then one car payment. We were going to knock out credit cards totally with income taxes but then last night our dryer went out. That is Satan for you! At least we will get most of the credit cards paid off.

Kicking up dust said...


Go Goldens! You will have a love/hate relationship with him, but the rewards are so great!

Erin said...

Hey Tina! I randomly stopped here to catch up. Haven't been on blogs in MONTHS! But its great to see what you've been up to and I wanted to let you know I will pray for your endeavors in homeschooling and the debt snowball! I love Dave Ramsey. His advice is so simple yet so effective. ALSO, just in case you didn't know someone told me you can always call 911 whether you subscribe to a phone service or not. If the home phone is plugged in, it will dial 911. Not sure if its true or not but I heard that....(?)