Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ready, Set, Blog!!

Ok people...we're giving this a shot. We've done a webpage for the kids, in fact, we just did a NEW page yesterday to give you all an update. The 'nerd' in me says that's just not enough! I have a friend who has a blog similar to this and I just love it. She is able to share SO much more than I can share on the fill-in-the-blanks page I built for Ella and Evan. I want to be able to give you more pictures, more info, more of the Goldens...so much more that you'll feel like you just had a chat with us on the phone! Unrealistic?? Probably. With two small children, it may be harder than I expect to keep this thing going...but I'm going to try. My friend will have to excuse me if ever something I do appears a lot like something she's done...all great ideas have to come from somewhere, right??! I'll be linking her page to mine so you can all meet her. In the meantime, please save us to your 'favorites', as I'm going to try to give you something worth reading very often. Love to you all!!


Anonymous said...

Tina! This is wonderful. I didn't think it could get any better than the link you sent
yesterday sharing Ella and
Evan with us.......but you showed me!!! I love it.

How special to have started it in
time to wish Tom & Celia "Happy Fourth Anniversary"!

Thanks - and we'll all enjoy your

Killlashandra said...

Thanks for stopping by and entering in my giveaway. :)

With 3 kids at home I can totally relate to the not having enough time but really wanting to have enough time.