Monday, October 19, 2015


I miss this blogging world.

It really was such a fun outlet where I made many friends.  Friends I STILL keep in touch with.  Even friends I STILL haven't met in person.

Thinking that I may have to write here more often.

My dad may enjoy the updates. :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Why don't I blog anymore?

Blogland used to consume me.

I HAD to have a post everyday.

I HAD to read and comment on friends' posts.

I HAD to be entertaining.

Or so I thought.

So it became too much of a 'burden.'  It wasn't fun anymore.

Why did I start blogging in the first place?

My dad lives about three hours away from us...bummer for this daddy's girl.  I started blogging simply to give him an idea of what we're up to and a way to 'see' his grand-babies.  (I absolutely HATE that we don't get to see him kids LOVE Papa Tom and CeCe!)

Now, since there's Facebook, and Dad is my 'friend,' I'm pretty sure he is in the know, more than even here long ago.  But not everyone is on Facebook...

So...why blog now?

I'm thinking on that one.  I'm not sure I will, although the idea of it is appealing.  I just need to figure out if there is a purpose.  And if there is, what is it?  

We'll see. 

I wear many hats...not sure my head is big enough to float another one.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

For Homeschool to work around here...

...God knew exactly what I'd need.

Funny, huh?

I have a hubby who says 'I always THOUGHT you could do it, but knew you weren't there, so I certainly wasn't going to shove it down your throat.'

Well, Praise God! God showed this to me in HIS time...and then there was a very supportive husband there to hold me up when I nearly caved. What a blessing!

I have a hubby who helps around the house...and knows that I need that from him now that I have a new hat to wear. We fold laundry together quite often. All he asks is that I have his work clothes hung and ready-to-wear. I can handle that!

And awesome husband declared last week, "If you'll make the menu, thaw what we need, I'll cook when I come home from work."

I hear angels singing....ANGELS!...I tell you!

I am NOT a cook. I try. But it's clear that the person who grew up with a mother in the home AND worked in a restaurant for YEARS, is the better cook. Yes, I could try harder, but he's you HEAR me!??!?!

It's as if a weight has been lifted. The pressure I put on myself to be everything and provide everything to each member of this family is not as great. He has never once come home and asked, "What have you been doing all day?" (He understands that I'd never quit talking if he asked me that.) He has never once fussed about something NOT getting done. (I am taking lessons from him on this!)

He is gracious.

And I am blessed.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Changing course. Literally.

We started school with a particular math curriculum. Evan's math wasn't set to start until this next week, but Ella and I have been working on hers for three weeks now.

It isn't what I thought it would be. It doesn't go where I felt it should. So, as to keep the children on what I consider a proper level, we are switching our math curriculum. As soon as the order comes in, we'll be rockin' on with something to keep us challenged. I am very excited. And, I'm glad we aren't too far into the year.

Everything else seems to be going well. We have a few books that will end sooner than the 'end' of our year, so we'll have to order the next level up and move on.

The moments of 'am I doing the right thing?' are starting to fade. I am still receiving confirmation from the Lord regarding our decision. Even from Ella's former teachers!

This seems like the biggest, best calling I've ever had in life. No, it's not for everyone...but I consider it a privilege to be in a position to take advantage of homeschooling. I can't tell you for certain that we'll do this forever...I do not believe that I am in control of that decision. If God tells us to 'change course', we will be obedient, just as we are now.

My lesson plans are typed and ready for the week's a short week, but I'm prepared and that makes me a happy momma.

What else makes me happy? A 'holiday' is here just in time for me to mop the floors. Hey, clean the house or school the kids?

The floors could use my attention.

Otherwise, I'll have to flunk myself.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happily schoolin' along...

Pretty sure I'm long overdue for an update on how homeschool is going around here.

It's been REALLY great so far. (Praise God!!)

I cannot pretend that there haven't been moments of resistance...but they are dealt with and we move on. Both of the children seem to really like what we have happening at home.

Our day starts at 8:30 with breakfast. Before 8:30, the kids can sleep as long as they like, or play a video game, or watch tv...but they must have a short list of duties completed before meeting for breakfast. Their list includes: - Get dressed - Brush your teeth - Make your bed - Make sure your room is tidy. I will modify this list soon...I feel that they could probably handle bringing their laundry or trash down on designated days. They already do these two things, but it'd be nice to get it done first thing so I can start a load if needed.

I like the 'routine' of having this little schedule. Starting things at the same time everyday gives us a 'normal.' I am NOT rigid about how much time we spend on subjects or much of anything else, but I do like our start time. As we get older and add more subjects, we may have to get an earlier start (blech), but my goal, for now, has been to get finished by lunch time. I do not see the need to drag it out. Yet.

We eat breakfast and prepare for the day...sans tv...then we move to the classroom by 9am.

We start school with a Bible lesson...followed by Math with Ella, and Evan chooses which of his subjects he works on while I'm working with her. His math program starts this month, so there will be a small change to his routine soon.

Surprisingly, they do NOT rush through their work 'just to watch tv.' I let them watch a show at lunchtime, and go back to school, if needed, but they've gotten to where they just play. A novel idea, eh? It's been really nice to not have SO much techy stuff on all the time.

Hubby is off every other I decided to school on his schedule. I won't be schooling those least formally. A trip to the zoo, library or park can be counted one way or another. BONUS! I will look forward to these Fridays!

I will keep you posted on our new life...for now, I thought you'd enjoy seeing our little schoolroom. It makes me happy.

And....last Friday when hubs was off, we went and picked up this treasure from someone who just wanted it to have a home! FREE!! RECESS!!!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

Eleven years ago today, my best friend became my husband.

We've been together more than half our lives...and I believe my love for him grows each year.

I am proud to call him mine.

I'm looking forward to my date tonight...(insert eyebrow wiggle).

Happy Anniversary, babe! I love you tons of bunches!

Friday, July 1, 2011

I took a left turn at 'Crazy'


Haven't posted since April.

Oh well. The Earth didn't stop.

What a busy summer it's been!!

Softball. VBS. Work. Helping with the teen camp event at church. Helping friends move. Trying to keep a clean house. THINKING about homeschooling without actually doing it.


Just when I think I shouldn't add one more thing...I do.

My big goal is that I want to pay off our van asap. So....on kind of an impluse, I signed up to be a Scentsy rep. No...I can't make more hours in the day or more days in a week and perform tons of house-parties every week, but I can be available to handle orders from the MANY people who really like Scentsy and try to make a few bucks. I'm committing all profits to the van. The sooner it's taken care of, the sooner this momma can move on to a dream. Or two.

We'll see how it goes.

If you need a lift in your life, just bring me your nose. I'll get your surroundings smelling de-lish in no time.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fold your arms, stomp your foot and tell God 'no'...

...and see what happens.

Have you ever said "never"?

Did it ever come back to bite you?

Hubby and I once said that we'd never move back to the county we live in now. That 'never' didn't hold up. You see, if your 'never' isn't God's 'never', you don't have much say.

My daughter attends a WONDERFUL private school. We completely feel that it was God's plan to have her's been confirmed over and over.

Our son is set to start kindergarten in the fall...and suddenly things have changed.

God is still providing the means to have the children attend said school...but He is telling me it's time to change the plan.

Say what, God!??!! I'm not understanding. Are you SURE?!!?

Over the past couple of years, I have gotten closer to people I was already acquainted with and developed several new friendships. Ever wonder why God has placed certain people in your life? It became pretty clear to me a few weeks ago.

In my case, it's for guidance, encouragement and support.

I'm going to need it.

After saying that I never would, I will be homeschooling our children after this school year.

knock knock knock

Did you HEAR me!??!!


I can hardly believe that this is the journey that God is sending me on. I mean, I was looking forward to having both children in school. I was looking forward to having five days a week to do everything I needed to do. THIS was SO not MY plan! But I believe I am being obedient in my submission.

My husband has been completely supportive. My friends have been as shocked as me encouraging. My family seems to have handled the news well, and the children? The children are VERY excited!!!

We have no idea how long this will be God's plan...but we will follow the path He is carving for us at this time and see where it leads.

And I will do my best to never say never again.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fun Pictures

My Jedi...

My silly girl. I really think I had glasses JUST like those when I was 9!!
My sweet boy and me and Chuck E. Cheese last week.

Green and blue hair. Why? Just for fun. Why not?

My beautiful girl...with her beautiful girl, Holly Beary aka Toto!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Divisible by 11

Today is my birthday!!

I'm divisible by 11 for one of the few times in life.

Maybe this 'special' occurrence will make for a 'special' year...??

Happy Wednesday!