Friday, October 10, 2008

Grilling Goodness #2

1. What can cheer you up when you're feeling grumpy?

2. Give one feature that could make or break the deal if you were shopping for a new home.

3. What's the craziest thing you've ever let your children eat for breakfast?

4. If you are a 'watch what you eat' kind of person, share a meal or dish that makes it easier to diet.

5. Is there something you used to do as a child that you would never let your children do now?

6. If you have a daughter, are her ears pierced? When did you allow it?

7. Are you the only person in your house who changes the TP roll??

8. How old were you when you no longer lived with a parent(s) for the first time?

My Answers

1. My silly children. Chocolate. Macaroni & Cheese. Not necessarily in that order.

2. I want my garage to lead directly to my kitchen...I would not like to haul my groceries across the house.

3. Er...Goldfish? Um...yea, that's it.

4. I'm looking for ideas with the answers to this question...b/c we eat a lot of chicken and I want to branch out!

5. Not really anything that I had permission to do...but I did lots of unsafe things...for example - my brother, his buddies and I put old couch cushions outside on the ground beside a shed. Then, we climbed up the shed and jumped off onto the cushions. Yes, you can call me stupid...I'd agree with you concerning this matter!

6. Ella's ears are not pierced...yet. I'm not really holding out for a certain age...I'm just waiting to see when she asks for earrings. When that happens, we'll assess her age and maturity and go from there.

7. Yes. But I think I should at least train Ella how to do this as well. :)

8. I was 21. A college friend of mine was looking for new roommates to share her campus apartment...which was perfect timing because my dad's job would soon be relocating out of town. I had my first taste of 'life on my own' for a few months before he left...and that's when I had a nervous breakdown. Yes, I'm a daddy's girl...and it came out...big time. Dad kept me from dropping out of school when I thought 'I just couldn't do it' and I survived living on campus the entire school year. Whew!



Brittany said...

I like #6... This is a debate in our house. ADAM wants his ear pierced... and Daddy has said YES! bah. Daddy has 5 or so? SO, I guess we can't say no... but I still think we should wait until he's older. sigh.

Amy said...

3. Goldfish...that's very what I've fed mine for breakfast before. (You'll have to wait for Monday to find out...);)

7. UGH! You know that I am! :P

This was fun, once again....I will try to post mine on Monday...I'll let you know.

Have a great weekend, friend!
Big hugs,

McFurr said...

Thanks for the questions! Maybe we should train our men to change the TP roll too.

Mia said...

I didn't get to play the first time so I got here early today! Thanks for the fun questions!

rthling said...

Mine's up.
Training Ella sounds good in theory, but Hailey still doesn't get it, and she's ten.

ToolSmartz said...

Ok-Ok I did it this time...

btw, was the cushion thing at your mom's house? :-)

Cheryl said...

The questions are a lot of fun!

4. I can't wait to check out what other people have to say on this one.

5. You weren't a daredevil were you?

8. I am glad your dad could help you out, but still encourage you to be independent. That is sometimes hard for parents.

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1/2 cup Soy Sauce
1/2 cup Oil (olive or canola)
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2 cloves minced garlic (jar kind will work fine)
Pepper to taste

Marinate the meat overnight. Then bake on 375 degrees. Time will vary according to size.

Are You Serious! said...

♥ Great questions! :)

elizabeth embracing life said...

Fun questions to answer. Thanks for doing this. I love the food idea one. I love my soup, but it's nice to know what others are doing/eating.

Jodi said...

Great questions! Sounds fun! Hey, how do you download the Mr. Linky? I need to add that to my Friday Meme but I tried and gave up!!!!

Anonymous said...

1) Chocolate and today I have eaten a good amount of it. . .also works when stressed ;)
2) little closet space all around the house
3) hmmmm I can't think of anything but I am sure hubby has a secret answer ;)
4) guilt free chocolate! HAHA, no I eat lots and lots of plain ole salads
5) no not as a child. . .but as a teenager. . .
6) no because daddy wont let her
7)no my daughter LOVES to
8) 20

Smiling Shelly said...

Okay I've posted my Grilling Goodness and I would like to take this opportunity - once again - to point out to you that #4 is NOT a question..(the no ? was what clued me in to that, BTW) I'm just sayin'.

#2 It's better to have a Garage right off of your kitchen, that way you don't have to walk all the way through the house with those heavy groceries - just a thought..

#5 Don't you look back on that and feel so blessed that you still have all your faculties??

#7 At Least! LOL!!

#8 I remember that!!! What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. :D

Breanne said...

I This was so fun - ove to see a the answers.

Amy said...

I got mine posted finally.:)

Sara said...

UGH! I need to get my bootie in gear and do this! I want in on the fun too!