Friday, October 31, 2008

Grilling Goodness #5


1. Is there anything peculiar about the way you sleep?

2. Are you in with the you own something with giraffe print?

3. What color do you have the most of hanging in your closet?

4. In the spirit of all the candy that will fly around today...what is your favorite kind of candy?

5. Is your thumb green or are you a plant killer?

6. Do you have a crazy pet story?

7. Did you ever tight-roll your jeans?

8. Does your family read your blog?

My Answers
1. Hmmm, what is peculiar? Is it peculiar that my sleeping position resembles that of a chalk outline from CSI?? I sleep on my stomach. I stretch out one leg so my toes hang off the end of the bed. I stretch out one arm under my pillow so that my hand hangs off the top of the bed. Then I have an arm bent under my pillow and the other leg bent as well. See...I play 'Twister' in my sleep. Of course, sometimes I sleep on my side, but the stomach thing is how I like to fall asleep.

2. Nope, 'just say no' to (most) fads. :)

3. I think it's brown. I have several brown least two brown skirts and a pair of brown capris.

4. Pick one?!?! If I all time favorite has to be MilkDuds. I love to stick my teeth together, mmmmm!

5. I rarely use my 'thumb' for such a thing...I have never successfully raised a plant...just grass. (not that kind of grass, come on people!!)

6. Besides the fish that we are currently killing around here, the next thing I thought of was the spastic dog we used to have. He was our baby until we had babies and then we were sick of him...yes, it's shameful. He used to squirt out the front door and not come home...we had to chase him and it was crazy. When I was pregnant with the boy child, the girl child was about 15 months old, it was 9000 degrees outside and that dog got out. I didn't go after him. Then hubs came home and said we must go look for him. The dog was four house down around the corner...and he resides there today. BUT...he still comes over here from time to time and acts like I'm going to let him in. Not happening. But I do think it's funny because it's been more than 3 years since he has lived here!

7. You bet. The tighter, the better, too!

8. I think my dad probably reads it everyday...but he doesn't comment like he used to. (ahem, dad) And I think my grandparents read it every now and then, but I have no idea how often...they've never commented on here...I occasionally get an email comment from them. I don't really know about my aunt...but she'd be the only other one who would be reading.
Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a chance to join in the fun today!

Happy Friday, have a great weekend!!



McFurr said...

Thanks again, hope you have a wonderful Halloween. How are you dressing up the kiddos?

JMBMOMMY said...

I HAVE to have my body pillow but also be touching my husband too :) I HATE when he works nights :( Nope, no giraffes in my closet. But lots of black...I know...I had 2 friends try to intervene and tell me to get some color....I am trying...ugh. Peanut Butter cups for sure...I am trying to say NO though. I am a plant killer for sure. But love them .. I talk my dad into planting them for me each year!!! I do have a crazy pet story...basically I am NOT an animal person (I know, I lectures needed) but once my BFF got a cat for her two toddlers...this was before I had kids...and it was seriously INSANE...hanging on her curtains...running around crashing into things..and biting!!! So we packed it up, with the litter box and the bag of food and delivered it to a sweet lady's house that we knew would love it...we often wondered if she found it or just the litter box and food??? I was young....forgive me. YES, tight rolling was a must. And YES my sweet family reads my mom, hubby, mom-in-law, and my grandparents-in-law. And some cousins. :)

Anonymous said...

1) I don't think so, maybe I should have asked hubby first
2) no the girls do though
3) Black - I LOVE black and grey
4) is there a wrong kind?
5) Plants die at the nursery when I look at them
6) I am scared to death of all dogs because when I was little I was told to NEVER EVER ride my bike into my neighbors driveway because they had been trained to K%ll. . .what did I do? Yep that's right, the smooth 8 year old thought she could outride them. Needless to say they were watching from their kitchen window, so I was only attacked a little bit. We owned a dog for a while, but ask hubby how many times I actually TOUCHED that thing.
7) what does that mean?
8)I know they do but they don't admit it, as the black sheep they would never admit to anything of the sort.

Jen {} said...

I'm stopping by through Doran & Jody's blog...(not stalking BTW. Lol!). I enjoy making new friends and I learned a lot about you! Hope you had a great Halloween! Thanks for letting me take a "peek".

Anonymous said...

I love you in the fallish orange top and brown capri's. Def. your colors! Cya in a bit at Pump It Up. Skyler can't wait!!! :)

Are You Serious! said...

Another great list! Your chaulk line cracks me up! :)

Amy said...

These questions and answers are great again (of course). ;)

I finally got mine posted today.
I'm off to the hospital for my mom this time. She is having her knee replacement surgery today.

I hope that you have a great week with your family.

I'll let you know how Mom is as soon as I get a chance.

Big hugs!