Friday, November 7, 2008

Grilling Goodness #6


1. What is one of your 'must see' tv shows?

2. Do you have a facebook page?

3. How old were you when you got married?

4. What is one bad habit that you need to break?

5. What is your favorite cold-weather activity?

6. At church, do you always sit in the same area?

7. What do you like best about blogging?

8. What's the last funny thing you remember hearing from a child?

My Answers
1. I'm a sucker for reality tv...and right now, I am fascinated with the Duggar family. You know the ones...they have 17 children and another on the way!! They have a show on TLC called, what else but '17 kids and counting'. I love this show! And the best part? I can let my children watch this reality show without being worried about too much skin showing or any profanity. BONUS!

2. Yes...and I didn't like it much at first. I started with Myspace, so I guess I compared it to that...but I feel less likely to be bombarded with filth on Facebook. Watch what you say or I'll just kick you off my friends list! (I love that kind of power, haha!)

3. I was 22. And so was he. Just a few months out of college. And now I'm old because when anyone 22 or younger gets married, I'm thinking about how much of a 'baby' they are!

4. I need to get off this blooming computer at night and go to bed when hubby goes to bed.

5. If we were sure to have snow around here every year, this answer would be would be 'play in the snow'...but it happens very rarely. Unless, of course, you have an outdoor birthday party planned in's going to snow that day! What was the question? Oh yes...I just associate cold weather with my favorite holidays...Thanksgiving and that's what I love!

6. Yes...and I have no idea why. Why do we choose to do that rather than move around each week and get a 'new' view? This is a very weird habit...

7. I just really, really love the 'community' of it all. I have 'met' some fantastic people. People all around the country. I almost feel that I have someone to meet for lunch anywhere I might that.

8. I had a ball game last night. I got a nice hit and my kids were screaming and cheering...cracking everyone up like they usually do. The next time I got up to bat, they were busy playing...and my ball went over the fence! (homerun!! yay!) The kids were not cheering this time...I told them I'd have to dock their allowance. Donald told Ella that she missed my hit and her response was: "Can we run that back?" You must understand that this comes from a child who is just as spoiled as her mother by having a DVR. We can 'run' anything back. Cracked me up!

Folks, I'm so glad that you come each week to play my little game! I hope you have a fantastic weekend. Kiss your spouse and hug your babies!!

Happy Friday!



McFurr said...

1. We love Jon & Kate plus 8 and it is something Bailey can watch without worrying what she might see or hear. I do have to admit the Duggars freak me out a bit.

2. I hated it at first too, but now I think its much better, and I think Myspace is trying to be like facebook

Thanks again for the questions, have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

1) Hmm I don't really have one. (that's sad right?)
2) yes, friend :)
3) 20
4) here of late - saying "stinking"
5) Snuggling with hubby by the fireplace, oh wait we don't have one but when we have the opportunity to do so that is my favorite
6) yes - isn't that funny. why do we do that?
7) honesty
8) my daughter pray at dinner that mommy PLEASEEEEE have baby soon.

Anonymous said...

What is is about sitting in the same spot at church. I do that too!

Jenny said...

Our family really enjoys 17 Kids and Counting too!

Congratulations on your homerun last night. Yay! And Ella's response is classic. What would we do without dvrs and playbacks? lol.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Thanks for the chance to play along today!

ToolSmartz said...

I'm in.

Mia said...

Thank you for grillin' every Friday Tina!! I love the questions you come up with. And we are so much alike!!
Hey, you come through Western Kentucky and we'll do lunch! : )

Jen {} said...

Thanks for letting me get to know you a little better. You've got a fun sense of humor. You're awesome! Hugs.

Breanne said...

Fun I am a sucker for reality TV too.

Breanne said...

SRY ...mine is up now.

Janey said...

Hey, Tina! Great blog! I hope to one day be as faithful at posting to mine as you are to yours. See ya!

Janey said...

1. Well, considering TV is really a luxury for me these days, there are no "must see" shows. But my kids love John and Kate Plus 8, and my husband loves Monk and other reality shows. I tend to get in on a few of their shows while they are watching.

2. Yes, and I love it! It's a great way to keep in touch with people you don't get to see often.

3. We were both 20. A little young, yes, but I don't have any regrets about it.

4. Sitting at the computer for hours. Eating too much. Sugary drinks. Throwing my clothes in the floor of the closet instead of hanging them up. I could go on and on...

5. Well, when we have the opportunity, I like to ski! But of course, you have to travel some distance from Memphis to do that.

6. Yes--why do people do that? We are such creatures of habit. Of course on Sunday mornings I sit in the choir and I'm in Master Club on Wednesdays. But on Sunday nights, we sit in the same spot every week.

7. It gives me a chance to show friends and family what we have been up to, and I can catch up on other people's lives. It's also a great tool, and surfing blogs is fun too!

8. Molly pronounced some big word wrong the other day, and I was cracking up. I can't remember it at the moment though, sorry!

Amy said...

1. I love the Duggar show too. (And Jon and Kate Plus Eight) I watch each episode with my mouth hanging open.;)

7. I love blogging too. I have missed it this week. I have been at the hospital all week with Mom. I have a lot of blog catching up to do. (Hopefully she will get to go home Saturday, but it might be Monday.)

I am really enjoying these posts. I'll have mine up Monday. (God willing.)

Have a great weekend!

Tracey said...

Oops...I posted early and forgot to link....thanks.

Amy said...

I finally got my post up again.;)

JMBMOMMY said...

1. Grey's Anatomy

2. Love facebook..yes.

3. Married...18

4. overeating.

5. snuggling with hubby!

6. Not exactly...but near the back.

7.It is therapy! And connecting with so many wonderful ladies.

8. Oh they say lots of funnies..but right now I can't get my memory to work!