Monday, March 23, 2009

Meet my new 'dance partner'...

I don't dance.

At least where people can see me.

Except for my family. I don't mind being a clown to make them laugh...and hubs could bust-a-gut laughing at me and my goober-riffic moves.

I am so excited about my newest acquistion that I am sure to 'dance' around the kitchen this week.

Who could make the 'non-dancer' in me move??

This guy of course!

I can't wait to spin him around my dingy floor!

My heart will sing and my floor will beam!

I hope neither of us get dizzy...then there would be a new mess to clean up!

Gotta go...time to dance!

***This 'ad' was paid for by me. $13.19 @ Walmart vs. $14.99 @ Target. Target, I love ya, but I got a deal, babe.***



rthling said...

Oh, yeah! Gonna have to get me one o' those!
Pardon me, may I cut in?

Sandra said...

Ya know what we call him in Germany? Over here he is Meister Proper. Don't ask me how they chose that name for him. He even has his own website. HAHAHAHA

Have fun dancing :)

Mia said...

HEY! wait a minute that's MY man!!
Have fun with doin' that mopping thing!

Jen said...

I saw that on a commercial. I can't wait for your review! He is a hottie, that guy. That bald head just squeaks of cleanness!

purejoy said...

you better not let your husband see you two timing!! i'm thinking about gettin me some mr. clean action. (but then i'll actually have to use it) if nothing else, for the hot picture of the bald guy.

Denise said...

What a hilarious post! I'm looking for something to "sweep" bare floors really good without having to use the old broom. I have too many dust bunnies for a regular broom. My vacuum cleaner just won't pick up on bare floors. When I find the perfect sweeper, I'm gonna be daning around the kitchen like you. Enjoy your new Fred Astaire!
Denise :)

Chris said...

feel free to take a turn on MY dance floor:)

Beth Cotell said...

I can't wait to hear how this works! And that's quite a cost difference between the two stores!

Unknown said...

After you metnioned this earlier I looked at Walmart and couldn't find it! I will most definitly have to look again! Have fun mopping the floor!(is that possible?)