Monday, June 22, 2009

Maybe today???

Seven days. Seven showings (one repeat).

It's been nuts.

The kids haven't been able to 'let their hair down' in over a week. Mario Kart has kept Evan busy. Perler beads have kept Ella busy. (I'll have to show you some of our creations!) Although they've been busy, I'm looking forward to not having to be such a stickler about toys. I want my babies to play. I not excited about chasing down toys, but I want to make sure they are happy munchkins with a little more freedom.

Right now, we are waiting...yes, more waiting.

The repeat showing (originally came last Monday in the rain) was Friday night. We haven't heard back from them...

One of the Wednesday showings said she would like to bring her husband back, but nothing definite. Haven't heard anything.

One of the Saturday showings said it was between us and one other house. They went to lunch to discuss it. Their realtor was supposed to call us when they made a decision one way or the other...haven't heard back from them...

The Sunday showing resulted in a few questions from their realtor...and she said if they were going to write an offer that they would do it this morning.

So we're waiting to see if that happens.

We're also thinking that MAYBE the others may have taken the weekend to mull things over. If that's the case, today could be decision day for them.

So keep us in your prayers and I will definitely keep you posted!!!

Thanks friends!



Laura Matthews said...

wow - crossing fingers and toes! awesome! our house is still not listed...waiting on repairman. ugh. discouraged as far as houses on market right now - nothing of interest at all but it's out of our hands! keep me posted!!

Becky said...

sounds like it might happen for you guys soon. Congrats on all the showings. that must have been one busy week. My girls now ask me most mornings if they have to get their rooms "show ready". And we haven't said Maybe God will sell our house today, for awhile. It has gotten lowkey on this end. I really hope that today is the day you get an offer.

Unknown said...

Praying that one of these happens for you! I can imagine you are ready for this to be over!

mary said...

Hands folded, fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...