Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happily schoolin' along...

Pretty sure I'm long overdue for an update on how homeschool is going around here.

It's been REALLY great so far. (Praise God!!)

I cannot pretend that there haven't been moments of resistance...but they are dealt with and we move on. Both of the children seem to really like what we have happening at home.

Our day starts at 8:30 with breakfast. Before 8:30, the kids can sleep as long as they like, or play a video game, or watch tv...but they must have a short list of duties completed before meeting for breakfast. Their list includes: - Get dressed - Brush your teeth - Make your bed - Make sure your room is tidy. I will modify this list soon...I feel that they could probably handle bringing their laundry or trash down on designated days. They already do these two things, but it'd be nice to get it done first thing so I can start a load if needed.

I like the 'routine' of having this little schedule. Starting things at the same time everyday gives us a 'normal.' I am NOT rigid about how much time we spend on subjects or much of anything else, but I do like our start time. As we get older and add more subjects, we may have to get an earlier start (blech), but my goal, for now, has been to get finished by lunch time. I do not see the need to drag it out. Yet.

We eat breakfast and prepare for the day...sans tv...then we move to the classroom by 9am.

We start school with a Bible lesson...followed by Math with Ella, and Evan chooses which of his subjects he works on while I'm working with her. His math program starts this month, so there will be a small change to his routine soon.

Surprisingly, they do NOT rush through their work 'just to watch tv.' I let them watch a show at lunchtime, and go back to school, if needed, but they've gotten to where they just play. A novel idea, eh? It's been really nice to not have SO much techy stuff on all the time.

Hubby is off every other I decided to school on his schedule. I won't be schooling those least formally. A trip to the zoo, library or park can be counted one way or another. BONUS! I will look forward to these Fridays!

I will keep you posted on our new life...for now, I thought you'd enjoy seeing our little schoolroom. It makes me happy.

And....last Friday when hubs was off, we went and picked up this treasure from someone who just wanted it to have a home! FREE!! RECESS!!!!


Jen said...

Your schoolroom color makes me happy, too! What a beautiful room for the kids to learn in. We start cyberschool at home on the Sept. 6th- I'm still trying to get organized! ugg

rthling said...

You are so OCD, lol!
I love the symmetry of your wall hangings around the dry erase boards!
Great room, great school schedule. Looks like you are doing it!!!
Oh, ye of little faith!

Joy in the Journey! said...

I love it!
I love your schedule!
and you!