Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I'm melting.....melting.....melting

"I have what the doctors call a bit of a weight problem". For those of you who don't know me well, I sometimes like to carry on entire conversations using only movie quotes (title is The Wizard of Oz and the first line is from Tommy Boy). Anywho, on to the reason for this blog. I WAS A LOAD. Most women will not tell you what their weight is, was, will be in the future, etc. I personally don't care. I was 290lbs.......there I said it. Better yet, let me show you, here are the before pictures:

I told you I was huge. The picture on the left is the one that inspired the transformation process that I am currently undertaking. I saw this picture of myself and knew I had to make some serious changes. Last year, a work associate (who became a great friend) transferred to Millington. He is seriously into fitness and I told him upon moving here, his first order of business was to get me in shape. His response was "Be careful what you wish for"! He immediately signed me up for some spin and aerobic classes. Nothing too serious, but I wasn't putting a lot of emphasis on eating right. Tina and I had a serious discussion about getting back on the Body-for-Life plan. We had done it a few years ago and had success, but didn't stick to it long term. We agreed to give it a shot and stick to it no matter what. Around that same time, my friend (now personal trainer) told me we should kick it up a notch, BAM!!!!!! He suggested I try actual road cycling instead of spinning in a classroom. No problem...........yeah right! He sold me his 15 year old Trek 1500 and it was on! I started out by cycling the perimeter of the Navy base which is about 6 miles. It was tough at first. After a few weeks of that, it was time for a "serious ride". Instead of my usual stop at the Chinese joint for lunch, we went on a ride to China....... actually it was only 20 miles, but I felt like dying. My time for the ride was 1 hour and 20 minutes. Forcing words out past the air I was sucking in, I asked my friend what his usual time was for that course and he said 56 minutes!!!! No way! I thought I'd never be able to do that. The next week my time dropped to 1 hour and 12 minutes. My friend was floored at the improvement. I was still trying not to die! The next week my time dropped to 1 hour and 6 minutes. Again, my friend couldn't believe I improved that much, that quickly. I was not as close to dying anymore. Now things were getting serious and my friend said I had to get a new bike. The Trek I was riding had shifters on the down tube for goodness sakes (I chuckled and nodded like I knew what he was talking about!). I researched bikes and price shopped like crazy and ended up with an amazing deal on a SLIGHTLY used Trek 5200. It's made of carbon fiber so I can pick this thing up with one finger. It is an incredible upgrade over the hunk of aluminum I was riding. My first ride with it on the usual lunchtime course was 54 minutes! Anyway, along this journey I have shed quite a few pounds. I still have more to go, so instead of calling these "after" photos, I will call them "current" pics:

Less gut and chins!!! As of this posting, I now weigh a much trimmer 230 pounds. Still heavy, but I'm working on it. 60 pounds in 5 months ain't too shabby!

I realized a month into this that when people asked me how I was doing it, I was not giving the credit to God. I talked about cycling and eating right and took all the credit. I know that He is the One who makes the impossible a reality and He is now the first One I thank when I talk about this experience.

I must also give some credit to the friend I kept mentioning. His name is Jim Felty. He is one of the fittest 49 year olds I know. His ability to put up with my slow pace for the first month or two is truly appreciated. Without his support, I wouldn't have made it this far. Jimbo is "PURE POWER"!

I will praise thee, O Lord my God, with all my heart: and I will glorify thy name for evermore. Psalm 86:12


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y'all look amazing! and even more special that you've remembered to thank God for everything! i need to be much better at that...

laura : )

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let's see if this works.

WAY TO GO KEEG....dry up and blow away...just leave me your trek so I can use it... heh-heh