Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Donald's Father's Day - scheduled around the cruise!

First, let me say that if we had been on the cruise on Mother's Day...I wouldn't have taken it so well...because I'm a spoiled brat (right, Dad? Donald?). Donald is a trooper. It didn't seem to bother him at all to not to be with his children on Father's macho man you. I had to plan SOMETHING nice since we wouldn't be home with the kids. I mentioned before that Donald's wedding ring was too big for his skinny we picked out a new one. He tried to get all sentimental on me and say he didn't want to not wear his original ring. I pointed out that he could either keep the old one in a box and wear something nice and new that fits...or he could LOSE the original one, never see it again, and have to replace it anyway. I guess there was a 3rd option - bulk up again and then it would fit! He decided, as he usually does, that I was right. We picked out a ring, on ebay, and it was delivered before our cruise! Happy Father's Day, right? Here's his new ring:

Side note: Ebay is wonderful! We priced this same ring at Kay Jewelers...$199. On ebay, and it's for real, the guy has thousands of positive feedbacks...$25. SWEET deal!! (the mark-up on jewelry is ridiculous!)

I had more up my sleeve for my wonderful hubby. I secretly took cards from the kids and me with us on the trip, as well as a special t-shirt for Donald to wear that day. And by the way, Ella signed her own name on Daddy's card! :) Here's the shirt he wore on Father's Day:

He had some drunk bum at the beach tell him 'Congratulations'...quite funny to get kudos from someone slurring their words!!

And yet, there's more!! I left my children, Rhonda and Rebecca with a project while we were gone. There was to be a package delivered while we were gone...they had to wrap it for Donald. There was also another t-shirt for his special day - it required everyone to get a little icky. Here's the shirt:
Ella's nice, 'clean' handprint is the blue one...and from what I understand, they had to bind and gag Evan to get the messy little red handprint. It's ok, though, he just stamps his hand the same way he eats spaghetti and ice cream, huh? That's my boy!
The package that came was a surprised to everyone...I can't believe Rhonda resisted the urge to open the USPS box to find out what it was. My 'Lance Armstrong' husband only had one cycling jersey, not 45 like his buddy...and that meant lots of washing for I found the solution...get him another one. It had to be something bold...I don't want him to get hit by a truck on the road. I found this one and it fit the job description:
He LOVES it...and even made his buddy jealous!
Overall, I think I managed for Donald to have a fantabulous Father's Day. Love you, honey!!
***My Dad, on the other hand, only got a card from us. Dad, we owe you a dinner,or a movie, or a round of golf, or a whoopie cushion, but you've gotta let us know when we can come up there or when you can come down here. We love you and hope to see you soon!!

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