Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Home again and all is well...

Hello all! I had a fabulous weekend at my scrapbooking retreat! Nine other ladies and I went to Paducah, KY for a whole new experience in scrapbooking. A retreat...where we sat down to scrapbook, were told when our meals were ready and after eating, we got up from the table and went right back to work on our scrapbooking...we didn't have to clear the table, much less wash the dishes. We worked without having to worry about anything else...THAT'S the perfect way to get things accomplished!! They offer massages, manicures and pedicures...but I passed on that this time...maybe next time - and YES, there WILL be a next time!!

Me at my cropping 'station' - plenty of room!

Ten Scrapbook Queens - old friends and brand new ones!

Two of them performed a song for us - dressed like queens- hilarious!

It was a very productive weekend...I finished 22 pages! That must be a record for me. We had very comfortable chairs, plenty of room and lots of tools...the room was PACKED with whozits and whatzits - and most of us knew how to use it all. We had so much fun sharing ideas and there was tons of 'girl talk'. We all had a great time.

This is the 24 hour Crop Room

This is one of the owners and our hostess for the weekend, Melanie.

Some of you know how lazy I had been during two pregnancies and beyond - not motivated in the least to get anything creative accomplished...things have changed! I did more this weekend than I did last year, haha! I will soon be finished with Ella's birthday - the FIRST birthday and I'll be moving on to Evan's baby album. When I get his first year finished I will feel MUCH better. I'm on the right track. I have even done another page since I've been home! I'm telling you, it was inspiring, relaxing and now I've been bitten by the 'Just-Do-It' bug.

Donald and the babies survived without me...probably better than when I am home. Something snaps inside those kids when Mom walks through the door and they are terrors!! But seriously, they did well and I came home to a clean house!! I have the best husband in the world! Love you, Donald!!!

Gotta go...I'm sure I could churn out a page or something while the kids are napping!! :)

P.S. As soon as I figure out how to get some of my pages scanned (which will require some stitching software) I will post a slide show of my favorites! Stay Tuned!

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The Marbrys said...

I TOTALLY had a GREAT time too!! I DEFINITELY want to go back too!! Thanks for letting me steal your page idea!! Great job on being VERY PRODUCTIVE!! I'm so glad you were able to go with us! And it would not be the same without our Ruby either! I can't wait until we go again!

I love your scrapbook gallery. Keep up the great work.