Wednesday, October 10, 2007

12 and a wake up...

...and a eat, and play, and eat, and nap, and bathe, and drive to the airport to pick Daddy up. My dad wasn't satisfied with me just saying 'sleeps'. He wants me to be more true to the military lingo he learned - It should be 'xx and a wake up' - but really, that's not even accurate. We'll have nearly all day to do other things before it will be time to go get Donald. Anyway, I submitted and at least the title of the post is 'obedient' of dear Papa Tom's demand. :P

Today, Debbie and I took the kids to Pump It Up. They have a little 'mommy and me' time set aside on Tues. and Wed. from 10am - 11:30am for the kids to bounce, bounce, bounce. We had a good time. We ate lunch at ChickFila, shopped a smidge at Target and ran by the bank. We had fun...but it ruined Evan's nap. He had a 'power nap' in the car while on the way to drop Debbie and Rachel by their house to nearly the time we got home, so when I put him in his bed, he played. And squealed. And kicked the wall. And laughed. And talked. Everything but sleep. Glad we have church tonight...maybe he'll get his crankiness out with them instead of that ugly of me??

I spoke to Donald not long ago as he sat on the plane before taking off for Amsterdam. It will be about 1am here when he arrives there...but he has been instructed to call home anyway. I must know when he has safely touched land...every time, no matter what time. He'll have about a four hour lay-over there and then fly to India. I 'think' it will be about 11am here when he lands there...then there should be another phone call. I will post something after I hear from him tomorrow.

If the urge hits you, please pray for his safe travel...he'll be in the air for quite a while.

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