Tuesday, October 9, 2007

13 sleeps...

Ella likes this idea of counting down the days until Daddy gets home. We printed her a calendar with each day having the number of remaining sleeps. This morning she got up and before long she was asking 'Now can I mark off a day on the calendar?' You betcha! We happily grabbed the pink highlighter to make a huge X through '14'. She's already talking about being able to mark off another number tomorrow morning...but earlier today, she did mention that she wishes it were only '4-3-2-1' days until Daddy would come home. Sorry, little pumpkin. Mommy can't make the clock move any faster...no matter how bad she'd like to!!

We kept busy today by going to Debbie's for me to work. 'Work' has never been so much fun! I really love going because I know Debbie and I will always have something to talk (and laugh) about. We really have a good time (when we're not breaking up fights)...and I make a few bucks!

I spoke to Donald a bit ago. He said that he'll have to ride a bus (hates this idea!) for 3 hours tomorrow to get to the airport where he'll be leaving for India. The flight leaves at about 5pm. He'll fly to Amsterdam and then to India, arriving there at about 10pm Thursday night (they are 11 hours ahead of us). It's been a while since he's flown internationally, but I think he's looking forward to watching movies onboard. Hmmm...what movie do I wish for them to play??? PeeWee's Great Adventure?? Willy Wonka? Ha! It'd be funny to me if it was a sappy chick flick. :) Love you, honey!

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Anonymous said...

Hang in there- it'll pass as fast as pork 'n beans on a summer night..

btw, the correct phrase is "xx and a wake up".. as in "13 and a wake up"..just some ol military lingo there for ya.