Saturday, October 20, 2007

2 and a wake up...

Two. I'm so glad that our time as a family of '3' is drawing to a close. We are a much better four-some. We need Daddy. He is our mediator. He keeps us calm. He gives the kids someone else to 'really' answer to. He...will hopefully help me get Ella out of this back-talking phase. I am tired. I told Donald that I'd be running away when he gets home. I may go out for a movie with the girls. Or I might just lock myself in my bedroom. Just a little time to myself where I'm not cleaning up a mess, folding a load of laundry or listening to Veggie Tales. I really do love being a mommy...but since I'm not a single-parent, I don't have to get use to doing it all by myself.

Tomorrow is Sunday and I'm glad. Sundays keep us busy for Jesus and tomorrow is Round-Up (high attendance) Sunday at our church. We should have larger crowds in Sunday School and we'll follow up the preachin' with a carnival of sorts. There will be pony rides and moonbounces. And my kids will certainly take great naps when we get home! :) We'll have only one more sleep and THAT will be great. I can't imagine how much Donald probably longs for his own bed...even though the mattress is shot!!

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