Tuesday, October 16, 2007

6 and a wake up...

I had a night out last night...with grown-ups...and it actually wasn't a church function where nursery is provided. I went to Debbie's to play Bunco. My friend Karen kept Ella and Evan...her house is conveniently situated between mine and Debbie's so I asked her to watch the young'uns. She was SO gracious to do so...and I think they had a great time with her son, Carter. I had a good time - had good food - and I didn't once have to say 'Stop hitting your sister', 'No, you can't pick a movie' , or 'Do you want me to cut that for you?'. It was a treat to be out. Thanks, Karen (and Carter & Jason!).

I haven't spoken to Donald very much in the past day or so. We've had short little conversations here and there, but he's really busy. The thing I get the most from him is 'I'm sick of sweating'. Let me just say, I'm NOT looking forward to what his laundry will smell like by the time he gets home!!! YIKES! I'll be stocking up on Febreze...it's that or buy a new wardrobe and new luggage.

The kids and I don't have much planned the rest of this week...I think Debbie and I are going to try to sneak in a trip to Chuck E. Cheese. Ella made a request this morning...MAYBE we can arrange it!

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The Marbrys said...

You are so welcome!! Super glad you asked me...I mean I wanted to do something to help you out since hubby's out for two weeks!!! They all played really well together...wasn't like I was really needed anyway. :-) Glad you had fun too!!