Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Five and a wake up...

Two-thirds of the way, folks!! Five more little sleeps and we get daddy back! We are still is Donald. Our last conversation was really short because there was a band playing nearby and he couldn't hear me...and he KNOWS I have a short fuse when I have to repeat myself a lot or yell into the phone to be heard. I know, shame on me...don't act like you don't have pet peeves! Oh and don't worry about him being near a band...I'm thinking there was nothing enjoyable about live Indian music!

I need to tell you about something that makes me very proud. On several occasions, I've told someone that Donald is in India and their response has been something like 'Oh, is he on Mission?' or 'Is it a church thing?' This makes me proud because this is an awesome assumption. To assume that he is doing God's work in a foreign country speaks volumes about my husband. I think it is great that he conducts his life in such a way that people think a 'mission' wouldn't be out of character for him. I could totally see him going on a mission trip someday...makes a wife proud!

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