Sunday, October 14, 2007

8 and a wake up...

Happy Lord's Day! We hope you all had a fabulous worship experience today!

I expected to hear from Donald before we left for church this morning, but I didn't. He called after church. He said he had forgotten that Opening Ceremonies were last night so he was too busy to get to the phone. He said the ceremony went better than he expected.

Here's something odd he told me yesterday. If there is a message for you, no matter what time of day, someone enters your room to give you the message. Two or three times now, Donald has been awakened by someone standing over his bed to give him a message. "Mr. G., your 8 o'clock meeting has been changed to 7:15." HOW CRAZY IS THAT!??! I would completely come unglued!! I think he is dealing with everything pretty well, though I am 100% certain that he can't wait to come home.

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