Thursday, October 18, 2007

Four and a wake up...

Oh how much fun we've had today! Debbie and I met at Chuck E. Cheese's. The moms kids had a great time playing and the pizza was de-lish! We had our own basketball competition...I won the prize this time...I love my little, plastic spider ring!!

Donald said last night that he has spoken to the folks who are at the 'inland' events in India. The way they described things makes it seem as if Donald is in a five-star hotel compared to them. They are sleeping 12 - 15 to a room, in open space barricks, yuck! Zero privacy. People who are lucky enough to have a room for two...have to share a bed! Sorry...I lack the desire to share a bed with anyone who doesn't reside in my home. He also said that those people told him that the pollution there is absolutely horrible. The surrounding area is far more dirty than where Donald is. I'm happy that Donald is in a better situation.

I had chosen to focus on one trip at a time...but the fact remains that Donald will have to travel again in November. When speaking to him last night, I nonchalantly mentioned that I was trying to figure out how the kids and I could go with him to NC next month. He chuckled, leaving me puzzled. He said 'We are thousands of miles apart, yet completely on the same wavelength.' He, too, had been thinking about us going with him next time. He acknowledged that it was going to be hard for him to leave again so soon after this huge trip - so it had crossed his mind. We've decided that we CAN go - we'll drive instead of him flying - this means we'll get to drive a while, spend the night in Gatlinburg, or thereabouts, and finish the journey the next day. It's a trip for men's basketball, so he'll only have to attend two games each day and then he'll be free!!! I am SO excited that we won't have to bid him farewell again so soon...not to mention that I (and the kids) will get to go to NC, east coast, an area I haven't been before. Now, we'll have to find out what all we should do while in NC...any tips??


Anonymous said... glad donald is "living it up"! HA!
love the CEC pics!
where exactly in NC? anywhere close to the coast, and hello...THE BEACH!!!


The Marbrys said...

Not much longer now...on the home stretch!!

By the way, I like the new title, which I know it's been up for awhile, but I also want to say that I like the picture...when you get time you'll have to share with me how you did that!!