Monday, August 4, 2008

Starting the week off right!

First up, I've got (Good) mail!

Kelli sent me a fabulous cake mix from Tastefully Simple. If you haven't tried something from this company, you are missing out! Thank you, Kelli! I can't wait to make myself a delicious cake!

But that's not all!! Yes, there's more than a cake mix in this picture. Elaine sent me the cutest card. Within this cute card was a Starbucks gift card. Thank you so much, Elaine! I will have myself a sweet little treat very soon!!

I have wonderful friends in blogland, for sure!

More evidence of that?

Two more of my friends gave me an award for my blog. Amy dished it out first...and since I stink at posting awards in a timely manner am a very busy person, I have gotten a second dose of this award from Jenny. Now, they'd probably like to snatch my award and run revoke the honor they've bestowed upon me, but maybe they love me enough to forgive me for being a loser super busy momma.

This is the Arte Y Pico award. I must admit that I probably butcher sorely mispronounce the name of this angelic award, but if that's the worst thing I do today, eh, cut me some slack.

I think somewhere in cyberspace, there are rules that go along with this award that say I'm supposed to pass it on to five blogs I read. Since my husband seems to think I read about 100 blogs, totally untrue, it shouldn't be hard to find a few to pass this to. (and I'm trying to make sure they don't already have it) So here goes:

Chris - Thanks for Noticing Me

Diane - There's a Circus in my Brain

Jennifer - Ramblings of a Crazy Woman

Pink Explosion

Beth - A Mom's Life

These are only five of the blogs I love. They either inspire me to do things, give me a reason to laugh or simply entertain me...but I love them. Go see these fine ladies right away!


And last, but certainly not least, the very best part of my Monday will happen when I march myself into the credit union and PAY.OFF.OUR.TRUCK! That's right! We paid off my van back in February and now we're finishing off the truck. No more car notes, my friends! Can't I get a fist-pumpin' woot woot!!?



Amy said...

Completely forgiven for being a busy momma!:) You deserve the award, my friend; and I have no idea how to pronounce the name of it either. It's pretty though.;)

What fun good mail to receive.
I recently received a Starbucks card myself, and will be using it today for a Grande Mocha Frappuccino Light for Amy.:)

Congratulations on paying off your van!

Fist pumpin' woot woot from Crazyville!!
God Bless,

Cheryl said...

Paying off your truck is awesome! We have no car notes. We celebrated with dinner out when we paid off our Tahoe back in April. You definitely should treat yourselves. Being free of debt always feels great, but takes a lot of discipline and determination. You all ROCK!

McFurr said...

Congrats on paying of the truck, thats awesome. I can't wait until the beginning of next year when I can pay off mine.

Sara said...

WOW!!!!!!! Congrats on everything, but it's so nice not to have car notes!!! So proud of you!

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

Thank you so much for the award! I love it!

And congrats on paying off your truck!

Are You Serious! said...

♡ I've tasted a couple of the tastefully simple stuff and it is really good! :)

jennwa said...

I am so excited for you that you payed off your truck!!! That is a great feeling. Way to go!!

Also thank you for the award,I appreciate it very much.
I love you blog too.

Have a great payoff your truck day!!!

Elaine A. said...

Congrats on your award and to your "winners!"

Glad you like your Good Mail - that cake mix does look quite yummy. You'll have to show us the cake once you make it! Have a great Monday! : )

utmomof5 said...

I my holy crap i am so jealous you get to pay of your car!!!! We are getting close but still have 2 payments.

How cool is your good mail group!!! I am one of those who have never had anything from that company. I know you are not the first to tell me I need to try it. :) Enjoy you cake for me too!!

Kelli said...

great job on paying of autos. WOOHOO. Double great on the awards. You deserve them both. Have a great monday

Denise said...

Double congrats to you, Tina! You have a great blog and certainly deserve the blog award you were given - yay!!!! Paying off the truck is great and I am very happy for you. There is nothing like having a vehicle that is paid for and still running - sheer bliss.

Have a great day!

rthling said...

Wow! Paying of the truck and the van? I am not worthy to be thy friend.
And the award??? Who, me?
Gosh, thanks!
I'd like to thank the academy, my dog, Spot....
Random thought: If Dorothy, from the Wizard of Oz got an award, what would SHE say? "I'd like to thank all the little people..."

Chris said...

Since mine is listed first, does that mean that I'm the best. does it, huh? huh? (teehee)

Congrats on the truck and van. We need to go out and celebrate and I guess this means you should buy:)

Anonymous said...

Oh I am so excited! I feel so honored to have received the reward!

Wifey said...

Congrats on paying off your car notes! That's huge! You're my new idol - smiles! Great blog... looking forward to reading more!

Noodle said...

Wahoo! Congratulations on paying off the truck! I know that's a good feeling. :)