Monday, September 22, 2008

Tell Me Your Story - PART I

I don't know about you, but I love to hear how people got together. Some stories are funny. Some are lovely. Some are so romantically sweet they're kind of sickening, right?

Amy @ in my life was tagged to tell her very sweet story last week...and being the great bloggy friend that she is, she tagged me to tell my story.

I don't know what category this story falls into...maybe you can help me with that.

Hubs and I first met in the sixth grade. We were in the Spelling Bee together. I kicked his tail graciously defeated my opponent, although he'll tell you that he let me win. (guess that's where that started, ha!)

When we got into Junior High, we had a few classes together, but no real conversations to speak of. I did my thing. He did his. Whatever those things were. ???

When were Freshman, we became 'best friends' as sort of a joke. He had witnessed a girl friend of mine pass a note to another girl asking her to be her best friend. He thought this was so '3rd grade' that it became a joke. He then passed me a note to ask me to be his best friend. It was hilarious to me, so we became best friends. We'd exchange a big hug each time we saw each other, but we really didn't speak outside of school. Then, he 'dated' my best friend for about two weeks. There were really no dates, just phone calls and seeing each other at school. All the while, he was my best friend...

He soon broke it off with my friend. When she asked him why, the only answer he would give was that he was interested in someone else. The only hint he would give about this someone else was that she was an Aquarius.

I'm an Aquarius. (not that I give a hill of beans about astrology, but that's what I am)

So I began to ponder...'Could I be the one he's interested in? Do I like him as more than a friend? Could I date him?'

I began to imagine being his girlfriend.

I wondered how my friend would feel if he had dumped her for me.

And then I found out.

It wasn't me.

It was the chick he had dumped before he dated my friend. Ugh.

Ok, so now I had budding feelings that I had to put away. And I did. He began dating his ex again. And we continued to just be best friends.

Then in 10th grade, we both earned, or won, tickets to a local hockey game. My dad required me to take my older brother. But we went with Donald...and his girlfriend! She drove...she was my brother's age. (I know, he was dating an older woman!!)

So we went to this hockey game. Donald and I cracked jokes and goofed off all night...because we were best friends! My brother sat there doing whatever. The girlfriend sat there pouting with her arms folded. The team scored during some special time window in the game and we were given coupons to Burger King. After the game, we went to BK to cash in on our free whatever. Donald and I, being the mature ones (we were 15/16), hit the outdoor fun, right ? The girlfriend and my brother hung out by the fence, party poopers.

That night was a turning point...for one of us...

Tune in tomorrow for the 'rest of the story'...



Amy said...

I can't wait to hear the rest!

Which one was it a turning point for?

I'm way too nosy; this will keep me up tonight!;)

Okay, I'll wait...I guess.;)

I'm looking forward to tomorrow!

(Thanks for playing; this is so much fun!)

Big hugs,

Brittany said...

Oh oh oh...can't wait to hear more!

Tracey said...

I love these stories can't wait to hear more!!

Mia said...

any epic romance that involves free food from BK is def. worth hearing...the rest of the story...

Kelli said...

what a sweet story. You guys are perfect for each other. AND wow you have known each other for EVER!

Cheryl said...

You stink! I need to know the rest. It is killing me...

Smiling Shelly said...

I can't believe you guys keep doing this to me....UGH!!!

My story wasn't interesting enough to put in two posts. LOL!

Can't wait to read the rest.

Anonymous said...

I always love hearing people's stories! Can't wait to hear the rest!