Thursday, November 13, 2008


Gone Fishin'

Who am I kidding??

I'm off eating bon bons and watching soaps scrubbing the toilets.

It's not glamourous, but someone has to do it.

Have a great day!

Come back tomorrow for a little Grilling Goodness!!


***I don't eat bon bons or watch soaps***


Amy said...

Sure...that's what all housewives say.;) (Of course, I'm kidding!)

I don't think I've ever seen a bon bon, but I have been accused of staying home and eating them all day....By people who have never stayed home with two children...much less ever cleaned a toilet.

I'm just saying.;)

Happy Cleaning!
Oh, and when you get done, if there is still time...I know a cute little house in Crazyville that could use your help....I'll serve bon bons.;)

Big Hugs,

JMBMOMMY said...

OKAY, are bon bons those little ice cream treats??? I can't remember...I just remember my mom buying something when I was little and we ate them together. Now, I have to know if that is a bon bon???

Brittany said...

I just cleaned a toilet, too. sigh.

Kelli said...

I dont watch soaps but if I happen to see those little morsels of ice cream covered in chocolate, I am buying them and eating them all by myself. hehe

Kellan said...

I love my "stories", but I've never touched a bon bon!

Have a good day, Tina - Kellan

Lauren said...

Hi Tina..I just came across your blog. I enjoyed reading today's post, and looking back at some of your older ones too - thanks for a laugh! I too spend days scrubbing toilets and such...but I love my life even when it is bon bon-less:) Hope you've had a great day! I'll be visiting again too! <3Lauren

Tink said...

Ahhhh, thanks for the reminder that my toilets are at home waiting to be scrubbed. Oh, will you watch Ellen DeGeneres for me? I like her show. Have fun!

Are You Serious! said...

♥ Sounds like what I'm doing! :)

Sara said...

Okay now. What are you trying to say about housewives who watch soaps and eat bon bons all day?! That were a bunch of lazy good for nothin's?! Huh? HuH?!!! HUH?!!!!

I hear ya.

Good thing I'm not one of 'em! LOL