Friday, March 6, 2009

Grilling Goodness #21


Howdy partners! I suppose I am feelin' particularly southern today or something!

Thanks so much for joining me for another meal on the grill! You guys rock!!

Play along, whenever you can post it is fine, but please sign Mr. Linky so we can all visit you!!

1. What do you do when you get mad?

2. Do you wash your hair everyday?

3. How often do you speak to your parents?

4. Your nails - painted or nude?

5. What pair of shoes do you wear most often?

6. If you could do anything you wanted to do this weekend, what would it be?

7. What's the best cough medicine you know of?

8. How do you feel about 'springing forward'??

My Answers

1. Depends on who I'm mad at. With most people, I shut down. If I know you well enough, I'll let you know about it. If I'm really, really upset, I cry. And then I go to hubs or my best friend to vent and find comfort.

2. Typically, yes, I do wash my hair everyday. There is a very rare day here and there where I am having a lazy day and I'll let it go...but I don't usually leave the house without clean hair.

3. I'm in contact with my dad via email at least once a week...but neither of us are huge phone people, so that is a little more rare. I don't speak to my mother very often at all...we just aren't close so we don't call each other much.

4. "My nails" are acrylic, paid for and painted. I love them!

5. It's a toss up between my sneakers and my boots. Soon-to-be in the running...flip flops!

6. I would be on the beach!! But I'm going in about a month, so I won't complain!

7. We just got Delsym for the boy. He's had one dose and I can tell already that it's working.

8. I love having longer days...but I don't like the initial loss of an hour of sleep!!!

Have a safe and glorious weekend!!!



McFurr said...

I LOVE flip flops, the forecast here says 72 tomorrow so I may be sporting them then.

Delsym is good stuff.

Brittany said...

This will not let me post a comment. this is my last attempt.

Flip-flops = <3.

Washing hair everyday= BOO! lol I just can't do it! It takes so long to dry and straighten. sigh.

Shannon said...

I can't do the fake nails. I have flat nails.

rthling said...

Fake nails are pretty, for a while. Then I start feeling claustrophobic. **shudder**
<3 the beach! Can I come???

Lynell said...

Washed hair and painted nails. I love it. I wash, then have a ponytail day and then a hat day or two. How discusting! I need to do better!

Elisabeth said...

I love going to the beach! Great answers! Have a great Friday and weekend!

TheAngelForever said...

We are also a Delsym family :) The stuff works so well and the 12 hour dose is a perk.

My answers will be posting later tonight. Thanks for the fun.

Are You Serious! said...

♥ I want acrylic's. I had them for a long time before I got married and then took them off to save money. I miss them! :)

Amy said...

I've missed these posts. I hope to be back to grilling soon.
My Daddy had a stroke almost 3 weeks ago now, so things have been even crazier than normal in Crazyville. ;)
Thank Goodness, he is doing well now though.

I pray this day finds you and your family well.

Much love,

JMBMOMMY said...

1. Well...many years ago---I would have fits of rage. Seriously--well, only with people I was the closest too--hubby and parents...but God healed me from it...and now...I actually pray and communicate directly and with love most of the time. I still feel the need to talk it out....I am learning slooooowly that it doesn't always need to be discussed.... I am soo thankful my children NEVER knew that old side of me. But I know that it is a daily surrender that keeps me from going back to that.
2. Do you wash your hair everyday? Yes.

3. How often do you speak to your parents? Almost everyday to my mom...some days more than once...1-2 days a week we might skip rules about dad a couple times a month maybe...he lives with mom and finds out the scoop through has always been like that ...even when I lived at home. :(

4. Your nails - painted or nude? nude. I only paint my toes in the spring/ is time....

5. What pair of shoes do you wear most often?Summer--my black flipflops. Fall/Winter--I have about 3 pairs of flats that I go through...

6. If you could do anything you wanted to do this weekend, what would it be? I am going to the beach---and that is exactly what I would love to be doing!!!!

7. What's the best cough medicine you know of? I have no idea....hubby doesn't recommend cough meds much...neither have my ped Dr. so we don't use them much....they say it is a good sign that you are is breaking up the junk...????

8. How do you feel about 'springing forward'?? Grumpy! LOL! My children never missed a beat...adjusted thankful for that!