Friday, October 24, 2008

Grilling Goodness #4


Happy Friday Everyone!!

It's been a very busy two weeks around the Goodness house...these Friday posts are starting to sneak up on me. I'm thrilled that you keep coming back for a little Friday fun!

Let's get the show on the road, shall we?

1. The World Series has you watch it? (and do you care who wins?)

2. Is the inside of your car clean or 'garbage dump filthy'?

3. Who is the next person in your family to have a birthday?

4. Do you wear glasses or contacts? (how old were you when it became necessary?)

5. What is your major form of exercise?

6. What is something you could do to make your spouse's day easier today?

7. How much is gas where you are?

8. What the furthest away from home that you've ever traveled?

My Answers
1. Well...the first game came on Wednesday night. It was on in the house, but I didn't watch much of it. Now hubs is out of town until Tuesday so I doubt I'll see any of it....because I don't really care who wins. I'm told that I should be cheering for Tampa Bay, but I could really care less this year.

2. At the moment, there are a few more things in there than normal, but it is not as 'crumby' as it has been in the past. (because I like to travel in a clean vehicle...I vaccuumed it well before our little trip last week)

3. My 'baby' boy will be THREE on Monday! I can hardly believe it!

4. I wear glasses and I have worn them since I was in the 1st grade. Someone thought it was important for me to see the chalkboard. I tried contacts very briefly right after I got married...didn't dig it. I've had glasses so long that they are as much a part of my face as my nose is.

5. Er, um...chasing kids. I've dabbled in running for a while, but I've had terrible shin splints. I got new shoes thinking that would help. It did. For two days. It took me a while to heal. I've exchanged my shoes and added Orthotics (arch support inserts) to see if that will help...but I haven't jumped on the treadmill just yet. I will. I promise.

6. Hmmm, he's out of town. I'm not sure. Maybe I could find one of his 'chores' and knock it out while he's away. Good idea...

7. I paid $2.53 on Tuesday. It only took $45 to fill up my van, yippie!

8. Hawaii!! (Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, & the Journey Home)

I hope you can play this week...leave me a comment and sign in on Mr. Linky!

Have a great weekend!!



Noodle said...

Yay! I did it!

Trying to get back in the blogging groove ....

Amy said...

1. Me neither.

2. "Crumby" is a nicer word than I was thinking of for mine.;)

3. Happy "Early" Birthday, Evan!:)

4. Man, people sure put a lot of emphasis on seeing the chalkboard....and street signs, and pedestrians, and cars in front of you...(by this comment you can probably tell when I got my glasses). ;)

5. Oh, yes, chasing kids...I'll go with that answer too.;)

6. Tidy up the house and have dinner ready and the boys still all in one piece when he gets home from work.;)

7. $2.56 a gallon.

8. The Mediterranean...You know how I like to go there every 38 years or so.;)

I'll post mine on Monday (again).
Have a great weekend!
Much love,

McFurr said...

Thanks again. And Happy Birthday to Evan!

Mia said...

I tried to do a regular weekly post once and I just wasn't up to the task so kudos to you my dear!!
Happy B'day to Baby Boy!!

Cheryl said...

I got the chance to go to Hawaii with Eric's family when we were dating. We spent 10 glorious days there. It was truly paradise. Since the trip, Eric and I have talked about how we can get back there.

Sara said...

Awe, Man! I REALLY need to remember this on Fridays! One of these days when my brian isn't fried I'm gonna anwer those questions. I enjoy reading everyone elses though. :)

Am I a bad bloggy friend? :(

No, I'm not because.. HEY! I just posted about an interview I had and you are mentioned in the interviews.. I know you're intrigued... Come check out my blog when the kiddos hit the hay! :)

Kate said...

Sounds fun! Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

1) Depending on who is playing we have watched it. This year. . .nope
2) it is clean. . except the floors they could be vacuumed. All the junk is organized though.
3) my sil - tomorrow
4) I have had lasik but now I wear glasses (tip don't get pregnant IMMEDIATELY following your surgery!)
5)getting up every day
6) um I let him go golfing all stinking day
7) $2.09
8) Washington state

Jodi said...

I am still a Mr. Linky retarded drop out! I quit when the next step was to go in the html of my template. That made me too nervous because I was afraid I would mess it up or lose something. Is that possible? Isn't there an easier way than to have to do it through the main template?????? Told ya I was retareded!

Amy said...

Mine is up now! I am loving your Me Me...and Scarlet!;)

Smiling Shelly said...

I can't believe I've missed two of these....AND Friday is Halloween THEN the BIG DAY comes on Saturday. UGH!!

I've go sooooo much catching up to do. I'm going to have to have one big 'cook out' when I get back into the swing of things. :)