Friday, January 30, 2009

Grilling Goodness #16


Happy Friday!!! Welcome back for another grilling session!!

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Here are the questions for this week: I must thank my husband and my dad for a little help this week.

1. Do you and your spouse still celebrate Valentine's Day?

2. When's the last time you licked a stamp?

3. How many clocks are in your home?

4. What holiday is closest to your birthday?

5. Do you cook anything the same way your mother made it when you were growing up?

6. Do you pay bills online?

7. Will you be gathering to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday?

8. Have you treated yourself to something this week?

My Answers

1. YES!! I admit that I am spoiled. I want SOMETHING for Valentine's Day...and if we can have a dinner alone, even better!!

2. Um, I have no idea when I last licked a stamp. Really, no clue.

3. We have eight clocks in our house. Three of them are useless because they need new batteries.

4. My birthday IS a holiday!! GROUNDHOG'S Day...and it's this MONDAY!! Yippie! (remember what I said about being spoiled? Uh huh, yep, it's MY day and I make sure hubby remembers that ALL.DAY.LONG!)

5. I can't say that I make anything like my mom made it. I make spaghetti like my dad. I make white gravy like my grandmother. But nothing from mom.

6. I certainly do pay bills online. Almost every one that I can. I only write a few paper checks for bills each month.

7. Yes!! I'm going to a party...but I'm not likely to be watching the game with the guys. I will probably be enjoying a hottub with girlfriends!

8. I bought a $4 shirt at Walmart. And I picked up some Skinny Cows. I'm saving the treats for next week...cause it's my birthday, remember??

Friends, I hope you have a lovely weekend. Enjoy the Super Bowl!!



andrea said...

sounds like you are in for an awesome weekend! happy birthday in advance! i was due on Groundhog Day for 4 years ago...(thankfully, she came 10 days sooner)
enjoy the day!

Denise said...

Hey Tina. These are great questions. Happy early birthday!

More Than Words said...

I love this meme, Tina!!!!!

Debbie said...

I didn't know your birthday was a day before mine. Weird! LOL!

Elisabeth said...

Early happy birthday!!

Anonymous said...

The hot tub sounds wonderful! Have fun!

Beth @ TheAngelForever said...

I hope you have a wonderful time at the Super Bowl party relaxing with the girls. Have a fabulous birthday!

Anonymous said...

1) Sometimes -
2) ???
3) 8
4) Flag Day
5) nope
6) nope
7) yep at our house
8) yes, Starbucks first time in 9 years.

Are You Serious! said...

♥ Fun list! It took me a while to remember the last time I licked a stamp! :)

The Red Headed Mama said...

Fun! Off to post now!

JMBMOMMY said...

1. Yes--of course..Valentine's Day is the day of love. I would never let my man off that easy.

2. I really have no clue..but even before they were man licked them all for me...I can't do it. Yuck.

3. clocks--hmmm...6 if you count the 3 on the 3 computers.

4. mom had thanksgiving dinner in the hospital :) My b-day falls on it every so often.
5. Do you cook anything the same way your mother made it when you were growing up? not really..she thinks if it isn't burned it isn't cooked...and if it isn't plain meat and isn't really no, not much to copy there. She hates eating at my house!

6. Do you pay bills online? Yes!

7. Will you be gathering to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday? No, we were traveling..and hubby got to see 2nd half...while I put the kids to bed for him. It is usually his thing..but I made him sit and enjoy the game.

8. Have you treated yourself to something this week? I think a weekend away without kids counts!

Sandra said...

Hey Ladies, I know I am late. LOL
Been over at Northern Germany to visit some friends there.

You are not the only spoiled Lady. Quasi spoils me ROTTEN!!! Hahahaha.