Tuesday, September 13, 2011

For Homeschool to work around here...

...God knew exactly what I'd need.

Funny, huh?

I have a hubby who says 'I always THOUGHT you could do it, but knew you weren't there, so I certainly wasn't going to shove it down your throat.'

Well, Praise God! God showed this to me in HIS time...and then there was a very supportive husband there to hold me up when I nearly caved. What a blessing!

I have a hubby who helps around the house...and knows that I need that from him now that I have a new hat to wear. We fold laundry together quite often. All he asks is that I have his work clothes hung and ready-to-wear. I can handle that!

And then...my awesome husband declared last week, "If you'll make the menu, thaw what we need, I'll cook when I come home from work."

I hear angels singing....ANGELS!...I tell you!

I am NOT a cook. I try. But it's clear that the person who grew up with a mother in the home AND worked in a restaurant for YEARS, is the better cook. Yes, I could try harder, but he's willing...do you HEAR me!??!?!

It's as if a weight has been lifted. The pressure I put on myself to be everything and provide everything to each member of this family is not as great. He has never once come home and asked, "What have you been doing all day?" (He understands that I'd never quit talking if he asked me that.) He has never once fussed about something NOT getting done. (I am taking lessons from him on this!)

He is gracious.

And I am blessed.

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rthling said...

God has certainly blessed us in the hubby department, hasn't He?