Thursday, April 12, 2012

Why don't I blog anymore?

Blogland used to consume me.

I HAD to have a post everyday.

I HAD to read and comment on friends' posts.

I HAD to be entertaining.

Or so I thought.

So it became too much of a 'burden.'  It wasn't fun anymore.

Why did I start blogging in the first place?

My dad lives about three hours away from us...bummer for this daddy's girl.  I started blogging simply to give him an idea of what we're up to and a way to 'see' his grand-babies.  (I absolutely HATE that we don't get to see him kids LOVE Papa Tom and CeCe!)

Now, since there's Facebook, and Dad is my 'friend,' I'm pretty sure he is in the know, more than even here long ago.  But not everyone is on Facebook...

So...why blog now?

I'm thinking on that one.  I'm not sure I will, although the idea of it is appealing.  I just need to figure out if there is a purpose.  And if there is, what is it?  

We'll see. 

I wear many hats...not sure my head is big enough to float another one.

1 comment:

Doran & Jody said...

I am the same way but sometimes I get to resenting Facebook.
Facebook has taken my blog friends away from me. We are not really "sharing" with our out of town family and friends the things we actually DO. Facebook just gives a "check in" to make sure we are still alive. Or does it?

I need to do better with my blog!